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This is a news article that came out in our local paper when my OB/GYN retired. Journaling reads: Dr. Smith was my OB/GYN for many years. I first started seeing him when Jerry and I got married. He delivered all of my children by C-Section: Joshua in 1984, Adam in 1986, Sarah in 1989 and Benjamin in 1991. He was always very sweet and professional and spoke with a very soft voice. When I was expecting Joshua, I had to make the rounds of all the doctors in their group in case I went into labor and he wasnt available. After making those rounds, I was totally sure that I had picked the right doctor. He was available when I went into labor with Joshua and after about 20 hours of labor it was decided that I should have a C-section. Thereafter, the other three deliveries were scheduled, so he was always the one to deliver my precious babies.

The Norman Rockwell picture was fussy cut from an old calendar. The bricks were fussy cut from pp. Thanks so much for stopping by :)