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This is NOT a LO I wanted to make, but I kinda got pushed into it. I despise scrapping myself!.. but since I did it, I'm putting it in the Do Yourself Justice Challenge. * Journaling is written around the outside frame which was partially cut off in the scan. It reads: "As I approach my 40th birthday, I've begun to reflect on my life. I cannot honestly say I am content with where I am. I regreat not having furthered my education, thus limiting my capabilities. I am unhappy in my marriage and desperately seek a way out before my misery becomes too evident to my children. With all the bad, however, I can be proud that I am a loyal and trustworthy person. I'm hard working and dedicated with any job I have and I believe I'm a good friend because I am always there for them and do whatever I can to help when they need it."