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This is the "Artifact" that we found on our jobsite at Fort Benning and a brief history of the tribe.

Journaling-During the period of the Pre-Georgian epoch, in what is noow known as West Central Georgia, lived one of the greatest of Indian tribes, the Bully Wogs. Led by their great chieftain Woolly Bully Wog, they arose to be a great culture known by their laarge eyes and tufts of hair. Short in statue, only 3 feet tall, the BullyWogs were extremely courageous. Living on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in clay huts with roof of grass, the Bully Wogs were a happy tribe of hunters, farmers, and pottery makers. They are now sadly extinct. After bravely fighting the invasion of teh yellow-skinned Caterpller tribe, more than 20 times bigger. The proud Bully Wogs aare no more. Except for the life-like statue of Chief Woolly Bully Wog.

" This little statue was made by a gentleman on the jobsite I work on. Too much time on your hands make you do weird things. All of the above is a joke."