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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Sarah is my pink princess. She was soo excited about her new Barbie bike for her 4th birthday.
The journaling reads:
On November 4th, 2003, our little princess turned four. Sarah, it is hard to believe that four years have zoomed by since your birth. You are growing into such a young lady, and at times, I canít believe how much you are just like me. You possess many good traits - youíre loving, caring, and helpful. You love to be Mommyís helper, helping me to dust, fold laundry and unpack the dishwasher. But at times, I can see the teenager in you already. You always give me a hard time about what you are going to wear, you love to boss your brothers around; and sometimes you are just plain moody. But no matter what your mood, we love you so much! You are blessed to have two parents and two brothers who all adore you (even though your brothers donít always show it). Happy Birthday, Princess. Love, Mommy