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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I have had tons of requests asking how to make the paper rose on top of the hat box that I made so here you go! :)

#5 Punch tweleve 1 inch circles to use for the remaining petals. (Chalk them and curl each petal upward using a Q-tip as explained in step #3. Adhere the 1 inch petals on top of, but in between the one and a half inch petals you glued onto the base. Continue layering the one inch petals until you have a small hole (aproximately the sixe of a pencil) in the center of your flower. To make the center piece, simply curl one or two petals tightly around a pencil as shown in the photo, then adhere it to the center of your flower. Once your flower is complete, you can also chalk the edges and insides of the petals to make the rose look more life like. :)