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Artsy Journal Templates 37 by Scrapping with Liz
Bookworm | Kit by Designed by Soco

journaling: In May, we read the book Horse by Geraldine Brooks. Since it was about horses and horse racing, Leah volunteered to host book club at her house in her horse pasture. It was really great weather thankfully, so we all brought chairs and sat out in the grass to discuss the book. She had one horse and two mini horses just roaming loose in the pasture. Mostly the horses just ignored us while we talked books. Towards the end we wanted to pet the horses, so Leah got the two mini horses on lead lines and brought them over to us, so we could pet them. They actually seemed annoyed that we took them away from eating grass. Ha ha! It was pretty cool to be able to meet out in her pasture like that. Im glad we remembered to get a picture of the group of us out there too!