Claire Rosenbear's Reviews

  • Fun cat stickers (23 January 2008)

    I am a self-confessed cat person and with plenty of cat photos to scrap, these are fantastic! The colours are just great - lovely and bright, and the quotes are very suitable for any cat page! They are good for my boy cats, not too girlie like some cat papers, so they have been put to good use!

  • Fun design (23 January 2008)

    Great template for adding a little whimsy to your pages - great fun design and very easy to use, even for someone as stencil-challenged as me.

  • The best tote ever! (23 January 2008)

    I've got a green one of the earlier models of these totes and I absolutely love it - the best scrapbooking storage ever! I keep it on my desk filled with all the tools and things I use all the time and it's so easy just to pick up and run out the door with on the way to classes. The middle section is big enough to fit my paper trimmer and there are so many little nooks and crannies to fit pens, tools, stamps and everything else into, I never lose anything! The main thing I thought would be great with mine is some sort of "lazy susan" so I could spin it around easily to reach items, and this has been added into this new model - I can't recomment this product highly enough!

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    Great range of stickers (23 January 2008)

    I love all the 7 gypsies 97% complete stickers, but have used these the most given all the travel pages I've done lately! They are great quality, nice thick card stickers, with great colours and cool quotes (I especially love the Back to the Future and Wizard of Oz references!). Perfect when you need something to just finish off a page and the long strips of words are great for borders.

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    Awesome rub-ons (23 January 2008)

    I absolutely adore these rub-ons - they glide on very easily and are just so distinctive! The shading and level of detail adds so much class and style to a project with the minimum of effort. There are also heaps of rub-ons on the sheet, so they a great value.

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    Great value (23 January 2008)

    I love these rub-ons - the designs are great and they have lasted me for many projects, because I often just cut a small piece of them to finish something off, rather than using the whole strip.

    They rub-on easily without too much elbow-grease, so you don't get the splits in the design like some others.

  • Handy little stamps (23 January 2008)

    I bought these stamps a couple of years ago and they are never far from my fingertips when I'm scrapping. The font is really cute and works well in any project. The only problem I've had is that I have had to glue a couple of the rubber pads back onto the stamps, but given how much use they get, it's not such a worry.

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    Most used stamps in my stash (23 January 2008)

    These stamps are just awesome - I use them all the time! They are such great shapes and add the finishing touch to any project - I have had them for over a year, used them all the time and they have lasted really well.

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    Great once you know how (23 January 2008)

    I bought one of these years ago, gave it a couple of tries and gave up - sold it on Ebay.

    Then last year I went to a retreat where a Fiskars rep was doing a make and take using them - I rolled my eyes and thought it would be a huge disaster... 100% wrong!

    Once I was shown how to use this, I haven't stopped using it on nearly everything I do!

    Just a matter of holding it right and you can't go wrong - there are so many templates available, but my favourite is the circle!

    Give it a chance and if you have trouble, try and get someone to show you how - once you know, you'll wonder what you did without it!

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    Love Daisy Ds (23 January 2008)

    This range of papers is one of my favourites - it is very adaptable to any type of project. I have used it for layouts about my family, my childhood, pets and travel.

    Great quality paper and the designs are just great - very vintage looking and warm - just a joy to work with.

  • Love love love these papers! (23 January 2008)

    I used this pad to make my engagement party invitations - the paper is nice and thick and being double sided makes it twice the value and gives a lovely finish to anything you do. The colours are gorgeous and bright and the patterns are lots of fun.

  • Great font, great colours, great value! (23 January 2008)

    I always try to have a selection of these stickes on hand, but the LilyKate are definitely my favourite! The font is so flexible, you can use it on almost any project and the colours suit my style perfectly. With plenty of each letter provided, they last for ages and are of typical wonderful BasicGrey quality.

  • Fun useful font (23 January 2008)

    I have used these stickers for heaps of different styles of project - they are so flexible! I found I ran out of certain letters really quickly (like 'o' and 's') but there are tons of other letters which aren't as commonly used.