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    Love these paint colors. (30 August 2007)

    OK, so I admit that I would buy a multi-pack of chainsaws if they were multi-colored! Still, these are exactly the colors those chain-saws would have to be. :) These are my favorite paints. I used them on my "Crop Shop" lo to make the brads look like aged push-pins. Thank you Making Memories for putting together sets like this just for scrapbooking.

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    Beautiful paper (11 August 2007)

    I love this paper - actually the whole cinnamon kit!

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    Great for sanding. (11 August 2007)

    I bought a stack of this paper about a year ago and took it back because of the white core. However, I rediscovered it again recently when I started sanding. This cardstock is great for that purpose. It will split if you cut things out of it, however, so beware of that.

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    Lots of Metals (11 August 2007)

    I bought this kit just because of the label holders that I needed on my "Curious" lo. However, I've used a lot of the other items in other places as well. I love sets like this where there are a lot of different items that I might not have bought separately, but find lots of uses for them when they're in my stash.

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    I Love Doodlebug! (11 August 2007)

    I really love everything from Doodlebug. I bought this kit for pages of my daughter when she was a baby, but ended up using it in all different places. My "Abi" layout uses the pink cardstock from this kit. I love it, love it, love it!

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    Love it! (02 August 2007)

    I really love this machine and I have to say I probably couldn't scrapbook without it. I have all sizes of the Xyron sticker maker but I use this one the most. The cartridges are a bit expensive, but with just a little careful planning you can make the cartridge last a long time. Changing cartridges is a very easy process, and one cartridge doesn't have to be used before you change to another. This means that changing from adhesive to lamination and back again is a very simple process.

    One more thing... If you have a Wishblade or are planning to get one then the Xyron 900 is absolutely a MUST. You can run your paper through here before cutting to end up with perfectly cut and sticky pieces. I ALWAYS do this when cutting out small items.

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    Awesome Machine (15 July 2007)

    The Wishblade is very versitile - it will cut almost anything you want it to. However, because it can do so much there is a learning curve. The good thing is that you can start using it without a lot of prior knowledge. Cutting basic fonts and dingbats is a breeze. You can then begin to master all the other things that you can do.

    I actually have the old machine but I bought the new software when it came out this Spring. The new software actually takes some of the difficulty out of doing some tasks like welded words and tracing clip-art. Before we did have to use two other pieces of software to do this, but the new software will do it for you. In fact, all you have to do to trace a .wmf clip-art is simply drop it in. The new software takes care of the tracing automatically. The new software also controls the machine much better - it cuts a lot faster and the grinding is diminished somewhat, anyway.

    I highly recommend this if you have the money. I have been very, very happy with mine.

    I have to add one more thing to this. Buy your supplies here at scrapbook.com and NOT directly from Xyron. I've done that out of habit for the year and a half that I've had my machine and had nothing but headaches. Scrapbook.com is great about their shipping and tracking so stick with this site! :)

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    I love this stuff! (13 July 2007)

    This is my favorite hand-held adhesive. It goes on so smooth and the tape doesn't break (a problem I've had with other adhesives). I highly recommend it.