Organizing and Storing Photo CDs

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Article Courtesy by Trish Dykes

It is no secret that most of us take hundreds, if not thousands, of photos every year. These images usually end up being stored on our computer hard drive and backed up by saving them on an external storage device, by uploading them to an online storage facility or by copying them to a photo CD or DVD. 

Most developers offer to transfer the images onto a disk for a minimal charge. This is essentially your "digital negatives" for the images and can be used in the same way that you would use your film negatives with the added bonus of being able to share those images with others without having to print them.

I have a CD burned each time I go to the developer, and I keep all of them stored in pockets that I make from a single sheet of 12" x 12" cardstock or heavy-weight patterned paper. Each pocket is designed to hold two disks. I keep them displayed in a basket that sits next to my computer, for easy access.


The pockets are a simple way to store and share your favorite images. Here is how I make them.



  1. Measure and cut cardstock or patterned paper to 12" by 8 3/4". Turn the cardstock over so that the back side is face up. All remaining steps will be done on the reverse side of the paper.

  2. Use the scoring blade to create lines at the following increments on the 12" width. Starting on the left edge, measure and score at 3/4", then again at 5 7/8" and 6 1/8". Continue moving the paper to the left and score again at 11 1/4". When you have finished, turn your cardstock counterclockwise and place back into trimmer. Score the final line at 5 1/4" in from the left edge. Your paper should look like this  when you are done scoring.


  3. Use the cutting blade on the trimmer to cut out the upper sections of paper from both sides of the cardstock along the scored lines from ¾" in on each side down to the scored horizontal line.  Refer to the image below.

  4. At the center, measure down 1" below the 5 ¼" line and make a mark with your pencil. Next, use your ruler to draw from that pencil line to the inside edge of the 3/4" scored line at the paper's edge.


  5. Cut out the bottom piece with scissors, using your drawn line as a guide. Then cut out the remaining piece at the center of the scored lines. The final cuts should look like this.


  6. Next, fold in the 3/4" edges, and trim to match the diagonal cut. Use adhesive on the edges and fold the bottom of the cardstock up, gluing them to the cardstock to create the pockets.


After folding the book in half, you can decorate the cover as desired. These little pockets are an easy way to store and share your photo disks. I hope that you will try some today.



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