Product Review: Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller Dispenser

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Article Courtesy by Maegan Hall


Product Name: Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller Dispenser

Price: $8.59

Product Description:

The Scotch Dot Roller is a refillable  permanent-adhesive dispenser. Each package contains one dispenser with 49 feet of adhesive. As expected, it is acid-free and archival-safe. It comes in blue/white and red/white. There are slip-proof grips on the sides and tip of the applicator. Best feature: the tip has an attached cap to keep your adhesive from getting dirty or all over stuff. The cap also locks on the dispenser, keeping the cap out of your way.

In Use:

Still on my long-standing search to replace the discontinued Kokuyo Dot n' Roller; I am pleased to say that I think I have found it: introducing the Scotch Dot Roller. I can almost hear the crowd clapping and cheering!

As soon as your dispenser comes from the package, it's ready to use. Open the cap, put the runner on the paper and pull it towards you; the adhesive is a bunch of sticky dots. I love the dots because it's great for attaching small items. There is no need to cut it down like you need to with the tabs, because the circles fit to anything! The dispenser is slim and easy to hold. The adhesive is heavy-duty and will hold metal and heavy chipboard letters. The sticky dots are thin and will not cause any bulk. The manufacturer advertises "no stringing" but I did notice some clumping now and then. It didn't bother me. I did think it was kind of cheesy that it seems like Scotch copied Kokuyo's blue refill and white case coloring, though. Refilling is super easy and only takes like five seconds. First, open the cap and lock it. Next, push the button labeled "PUSH" and open the dispenser. Lift out the old refill and place in a new one.

Tips & Techniques:

  • Put your name on your runner using a Sharpie or address label.
  • Make sure to place small items on a scrap sheet when applying adhesive. The extra dots have to stick to something.
  • Be gentle with the cap; it can break.
  • Make sure you are pushing the correct button and opening the dispenser like a jewelry box. I tried to open it like an old Herma Vario and almost broke it.

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