30 "All About Me" Scrapbook Topics

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Do you have an ‘All About Me' album? How many pictures do you have of yourself? Will your children know your favorite color, your daily routine, what your favorite board games were, etc.? If you do not have an album or have just started one, this article will give you 30 page topics to make that album nice and full!

I Am Scrapbook Layout


Making a layout all about you is an amazing, uplifting way to remind yourself of your absolute best qualities and the awesome things that make you unique. There are so many wonderful qualities that make up you as a person, including your personality traits, physical traits, fashion choices, strengths, opinions, viewpoints, and so on.

Creating an 'All About Me' layout is not only a great idea for self-awareness and positivity, but also a cool way to share pieces of yourself with your friends and family.

I Am Layout

Planning Your Album
Before you begin your album, you will want to determine what type of album you are going to do. Is it going to be an ABC album? That would definitely affect the titles and topics you choose. Or is it going to be a "past, present, future" type of album? Or just an album with topics about you? Let's look at some topic ideas.

30 Topics and Titles

  1. 10 Things about Me
  2. The Chef in Me (or take-out guru!)
  3. Circle of Friends
  4. Super Cute Selfies
  5. Crafts & Hobbies
  6. A Day in the Life
  7. Faith & Me
  8. Favorites
    • Activities
    • Clothes
    • Games
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Books
    • Vacation
    • Job
    • Foods
    • Restaurants
    • Drinks
    • Snacks
    • Desserts
  9. Fears
  10. Growing Up
    • Where I was born
    • Where I lived
    • How many houses I lived in
  11. Hairstyles through the Years
  12. High School Years
  13. Hopes and Dreams
  14. Housework & Me
  15. I am Blessed
  16. I am Grateful
  17. The Last 10 Years (how I have changed over the years)
  18. Making My House a Home
  19. Love of my life
  20. Mom & Me
    • What we do together
    • What our similarities are
    • What our differences are
  21. My Emotions
    • What makes me happy/sad
    • What makes me laugh/cry
    • What makes me angry
    • What makes me nervous
  22. People That Inspire Me
  23. Pieces of Me
  24. Pets on parade
  25. A mile in my shoes 
  26. Self Portrait (a personal photo and journaling about the photo)
  27. Uniquely Me (things that make me unique)
  28. My names (maiden, married, nicknames)
  29. My Purse
    • Favorite purse
    • What's in it
  30. My quirks

These are just a few super fun thoughts to get you started on your journey of self-exploration and self-expression. Make sure to visit our titles area to get additional ideas on how to show off what is uniquely you!