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The Magic Mat® For Die Cutting

Congratulations on your new Scrapbook.com Original Magic Mat! Your die cutting will be forever changed with this self-healing mat designed to make your cutting faster, easier, and cleaner than ever. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Magic Mat:

What Do You Need Help With Today?

How to Use Your Scrapbook.com Original Magic Mat for Die Cutting and Precision Cutting

The key to die cutting is building the right sandwich for your machine so that the appropriate pressure is applied. The Magic Mats by Scrapbook.com measure 3mm thick and replaces one of the pieces of "bread" in your sandwich. Simply build your sandwich, including your wafer thin die and material, with the Magic Mat on the bottom to be cut into. 

The Magic Mat also comes in different sizes for versatile compatibility with all sizes of projects and your favorite die cutting machines. 

  • Standard Magic Mat: Measures 6.125" x 8.75" and can be used with some standard-sized machines 
  • Extended Magic Mat: Measures 6" x 14.5" and can be used with some extended platform die cutting machines
  • Short Magic Mat: Measures 6" x 7.75" and can be used with the Cuttlebug (and more)
  • Magic Mat Plus: Measures 9" x 15" and can be used with the Sizzix Big Shot Plus

Check the Magic Mat Compatibility Chart to find the perfect mat for your machine! 

What Sandwich Do I Need in Order to Use the Magic Mat with My Die Cutting Machine?

Since machines vary, it's important to test out your Magic Mat sandwich to ensure you have just the right amount of pressure. If your sandwich is too thin, there won't be enough pressure to cut through the paper. If your sandwich is too thick, it may not run through your machine. Scrapbook.com has done the Goldilocks testing and come up with these "just right" sandwich solutions:

  • Sizzix Big Shot: Cutting Platform - Magic Mat - Paper - Thin Metal Die - Cutting Plate
  • Sizzix Big Shot Plus: Cutting Platform - Adapter A - Adapter B - Magic Mat - Paper - Thin Metal Die - Cutting Plate
  • Spellbinders Platinum / Platinum 6: Cutting platform - Magic Mat - Paper - Thin Metal Die - Cutting Plate
  • Crafter's Companion Gemini / Gemini Jr / Gemini Go: Clear Cutting Plate - Magic Mat - Paper - Thin Metal Die - Clear Cutting Plate
  • Crafter's Companion Gemini II: Magic Mat - Paper - Thin Metal Die - Clear Plastic Shim - Magnetic Shim - White Cutting Plate
  • Sizzix Vagabond / Vagabond 2: Thin Die Adapter - Cutting Platform - Magic Mat - Paper - Thin Metal Die - Cutting Plate
  • We R Memory Keepers Revolution: Gray Platform - Magic Mat - Paper - Thin Metal Die - Cutting Plate
  • Cricut Cuttlebug: Platform A - Magnetic Cutting Mat or Rubber Mat - Extended Magic Mat - Paper - Thin Metal Die - Plate B

Don't Forget Your Shims!

What are shims? Some die cutting machines have shims made of plastic, metal, or magnets. These are used within the die cutting sandwich to perfect the cuts made by your dies and the impressions made by your embossing folders. 

In other instances, a shim can be as simple as a piece of paper or cardstock to give just a touch of extra pressure to your sandwich. When using the Magic Mat, try adjusting your pressure with 1 or 2 shims as needed, especially with more intricate metal dies until your cut is absolutely perfect.

My Magic Mat Warped! Help!

Don't worry - some warping is completely normal with the Magic Mat, but yes! There is a fix! Unlike plastic cutting plates, warping can be reversed. 

In order to reverse your Magic Mat warping, simply use your heat tool (or even a hairdryer). Keep your heat source roughly 1/2 an inch away from your magic mat and apply even heat throughout the entire surface of your mat. 

Don't have a heat tool? You can also use an iron set on low heat with a towel between or your iron and magic mat (consider it like you are applying vinyl). 

How does this work? The heat loosens up the mat fibers for a short period of time, allowing it to smooth and flatten. Once the mat has cooled entirely, it's ready to use again. 

To learn about why the Magic Mat sometimes warps, read more here. 

How Do I Clean My Magic Mat?

Cleaning the Magic Mat is as easy as 1-2-3. Head on over to the sink. All you need is a little stream of lukewarm water and mild dish soap in order to clean your Magic Mat. You can use a wet washcloth or sponge to wipe your Magic Mat clean. 

You can dry with a heat tool or lay out to dry. Learn about more cleaning and care tips here

How Do I Get Paper Scraps off of My Magic Mat? 

Just like cleaning your Magic Mat, a little bit of mild soap and water should do the trick. You can use a stiff-bristled brush, a vegetable brush, or even an old toothbrush to help dislodge any stubborn paper scraps that have attempted to embed themselves in the surface of your Magic Mat. Want to know how self healing mats work? We explain it here

My Magic Mat Has Cut Marks On It. Is This Normal?

Though they may look like cuts, they aren't really cuts anymore - just impressions where cuts used to be. After all, the Magic Mat is self healing! Run your finger over the cuts, and you will realize that you aren't able to feel them. The "cuts" on your Magic Mat aren't actually damaging the surface at all. Yes! It's normal. 

How Long Will My Magic Mat Last?

The Scrapbook.com Original Magic Mat was designed to last longer than plastic cutting plates (hooray!). Though the Magic Mat won't last forever, with proper care, it has the capability of being your go-to die cutting accessory for years to come. Here are some Magic Mat longevity best practices: 

1. Rotate Your Magic Mat Often: Use your Magic Mat in different rotations. Flip it upside down and/or turn it around each time you use your die cutting machine. This will ensure your Magic Mat gets even use. 

2. Use The Right Pressure: Ensure you're using the right amount of pressure with your Magic Mat. Too much pressure may cause unnecessary deep impressions in your mat, which may cause it to wear out more quickly. 

3. Reorganize Your Dies: Just like rotating, try placing your dies on different spots of the Magic Mat each time you use them. That way, the entire mat is being used evenly. 

4. Clean Your Magic Mat: Make your Magic Mat smile by keeping it squeaky clean. (Ok, it won't actually smile, but it's still a best practice!). 

Want the Magic Mat by Scrapbook.com in an additional size? See what's available here.  

 Have additional questions? Reach out to our team today. 


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