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Product Name: We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy
Sew Easy Paper Stitching Tool

Product Description:
The We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy system consists of a piercing tool with interchangeable head attachments plus other accessories including a piercing mat, needles, and many colors of floss.

In Use:
The most straightforward use of the We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy piercing tool is to punch holes in cardstock or paper which can then be used for stitching. The paper is placed on a soft mat, and the tool is rolled over the mat at a medium speed (not too fast) creating holes in the paper. Use a ruler or line along the paper to get the holes in a straight line.  The tool comes with a head that makes a single line of evenly spaced holes. The head is easily removed by rotating it and can be replaced with another head that makes holes in two or three rows, or a few simple shapes such as scalloped.

You can then use the needle and floss (or another needle and thread) to stitch between the holes to create straight lines or intricate patterns.

One additional feature of the piercing tool is that it has a compartment in the back where you can store a needle and not lose it.

See the Sew Easy in action in these Sew Easy video demonstrations.

Tips & Techniques:

  • Practice using the tool on scrap paper, as it takes a few tries to get the speed right and the lines straight.
  • Experiment with different mats for different results.  Try a thin foam mat as well as hard Styrofoam, plus other mats you may have around the house. Thicker cardstock will require a softer mat than a thinner paper.
  • Try punching holes from both the front side of the paper and the back. The back will give a messier look, but might be interesting.
  • Use the tool with faux-stitching. Use the tool to punch holes in the paper and connect them with a pen. Use a slightly harder mat since the holes don’t really need to go all the way through.
  • To neatly sew two papers together, lightly adhere them, and use the tool to make holes that go through both papers, then sew through the holes.
  • For a more ad-hoc look, use the same tool to separately pierce holes in twopapers, and then sew them together. It will work because the spacing will be the same, but will give a different look.
  • Use the more intricate designs to punch holes and sew a border on a tag or title bock. Then attach to your paper.
  • On some papers, you may need to use your needle or paper piercer to make the holes a little bigger. It is still much easier and faster than piercing the holes individually.

Project Ideas & Examples:
Since I got this tool, I have been using it on many projects, and have found that I am sewing more than I previously did. Here are a few projects on which I enjoyed using this tool. 

For my Lunch at Sea layout, I used the single-row attachment to punch holes all the way around the edge and then stitched with a regular needle and thread. The background paper is quite thin and I had to be careful not to crease the paper while punching and sewing.

For my layout about a big napoleon fish, I wanted to create a look of coral. I punched a role of holes across the background paper. Then, I cut the edges off three journaling cards and used the same attachment to punch holes. I then sewed the journaling cards to the background using the needle that came with the piercing tool and the aqua floss.

For my layout about Survivor beach, I wanted to stitch the crumpled vellum onto some plain cardstock. I used a little adhesive in the middle to hold the papers together and then punched a few lines of holes. I then sewed through both layers using the needle that came with the piercing tool and the aqua floss. You can see how the same floss and head produced different results than the previous layout just by whether they were punched together or separately.

On this layout about both Silly Bandz and baseball, I used the cross-stitch head attachment, which punches holes in three lines, and then stitched it like the pattern on a baseball. I stitched only on the journaling paper and then adhered it to the layout.

Also, be sure to check out this gallery of projects using the Sew Easy.


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