Refilling Your Copic Markers

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Article Courtesy Scrapjazz.com: by Christine Ousley

One of the benefits of buying Copic markers is that they are refillable, so there’s no need to new ones when the ink runs out.  The barrel of the Copic marker is strong and sturdy and will possibly last you a lifetime.  Even the nibs in the markers, with care and proper use, are engineered not to bend or break. 

So, how do you refill your Copic marker?  It’s actually really easy and very affordable.  A refill bottle will refill your Sketch markers about 8 to 10 times and costs just a little bit more than the actual marker. Here are the steps and tips to refilling your Copic markers.

The first question I am always asked is how much ink to put in my marker.  The answer actually depends on how dry your marker was in the first place.  If the nib is completely dry than you will need about 3 cc’s.  There are markings on the refill bottle.  Each tick mark is 1 cc.  If you are unsure how dry your marker is, then just refill it about 2 cc’s.  You might have to refill it more often that way but at least you won’t overfill it, which will cause your marker to leak.

Supplies Needed

  • dry Copic marker
  • Copic marker refill bottle of the same color
  • booster pen (optional, but recommended)


1. The Copic marker has two ends.  One is the brush tip, indicated by the grey band, and the other is the chisel tip.  Uncap the chisel tip end.  This is the side that we will refill.

2. Grab the chisel nib firmly and pull it out of the barrel.  Set aside.

3. If you have the booster needle, which I recommend, then uncap the refill bottle and screw the booster needle onto the refill bottle.

4. Insert the needle into the opening in the barrel and gently squeeze the refill bottle.  The ink will quickly drip into the barrel of the pen.

Note: If you do not have the booster needle you can fill your marker by dripping in the ink from the refill bottle directly into the opening of your marker.  When refilling a Sketch marker, the opening of the refill bottle and marker will be the same size, making it easy to align the two openings in order to drip the ink in the barrel.  If you are using Ciao markers, this method will be more difficult and chances are you will drip the ink outside of the marker.  The booster needle, in this case, would alleviate any difficulties.

5. After you have refilled your marker, replace the nib and uncap the other side of the marker.  This will equalize the ink in the marker barrel and you will be ready to start coloring with your marker again.


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