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Quick and Easy Disney-Themed Photo Albums with Layle Koncar

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Layle Koncar from Simple Stories is back at Scrapbook.com to help you create more magical memories with Say Cheese 4! Layle lends over 20 years of scrapbooking experience to this simple guided demonstration of the perfect Disney-themed photo and memory album.  Full Description.
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Lesson 1 : Where to Start When Making a Photo Album

Get your Disney-themed album off to a great start with Layle Koncar and the Say Cheese 4 Collection from Simple Stories. Learn how to easily put together a fun, unique album to house all of your wonderful adventures until your next trip to the happiest place on Earth. You won't believe how easy it is to create an amazing album in just a few simple steps. Gather your photos, keepsakes, stories and more and let Layle provide her expert guidance to get you started in your memory keeping adventures!

Duration: 10:03

Lesson 2 : The Best Ways to Add Fun Photos

You can't have a fantastic photo album without all the fun photos! Explore some helpful tricks and techniques for getting all of your favorite photos and memories into your Disney-themed album. Explore all the benefits of a pocket page album, where you can switch out photos and change it up as much as you want until you’re totally happy. Layle will even let you in on some amazing trade secrets for getting the perfect sized photos for every pocket every single time! Get your favorite photos ready - it's time to make an album!

Duration: 13:56

Lesson 3 : Have Some Fun Adding Accenting & Embellishments

It's time to add depth, dimension, and unforgettable layers to your one-of-a-kind album. We're talking about embellishments. Let Layle be your expert guide to adding simple embellishments and fun little accents throughout your photo album for extra touches of personality and excitement. Explore the world of chipboard stickers, enamel dots, clips, and wood veneer to make your photos and pockets pop off the page. The possibilities are endless!

Duration: 08:40

Lesson 4 : Getting Creative With Stamps, Dies, & Stencils

Why let the fun end when you leave the park? There's more fun to be had with ink, stamps, stencils, and dies as you're creating your fabulous Disney-themed photo album. Layle shows you how to use basic, simple techniques along with some amazing Say Cheese stamps, dies, and stencils to add even more personalized touches to your album. She'll show you tricks for getting perfectly stenciled backgrounds and adorable stamped and cut images to add alongside your photos of friends and family enjoying the food and fun in the park! You won't want to miss this helpful guide to stamps and dies!

Duration: 08:57

Lesson 5 : 5 Fun Ways to Add Paper Features In Your Album

It's easier than you think to add customized little touches to your photo album - just add paper! Layle demonstrates 5 different ways to use scrapbook paper in your photo album that will leave you saying, "why didn't I think of that?" Get the inside scoop on cutting and scoring paper to make features that pop up, flip up, and reveal fun peek-a-boo locations in your album that will put a smile on your face every time you flip through your theme park memories. She even shows you how to make a custom pocket in 3 easy steps. Make your album interactive and even more fun with these helpful tricks!

Duration: 11:30

Lesson 6 : Making Memories with Memorabilia

Are you ready to take your Disney-themed photo album to the next level? Then stick with Layle as she provides her best advice for ensuring that your personal mementos, keepsakes, and memorabilia all find a place to call home in your memory keeping. Get wonderful date stamps and capture the moment with maps, ticket stubs, event pamphlets, trinkets and more that go straight from the park into your album. Don't miss this lesson that wraps up creating your memorable Disney-themed photo album filled with family, friends, fun, and fantastic memories!

Duration: 07:44

Class Details

Duration: 60:55

Layle Koncar from Simple Stories is back at Scrapbook.com to help you create more magical memories with Say Cheese 4! Layle lends over 20 years of scrapbooking experience to this simple guided demonstration of the perfect Disney-themed photo and memory album. She’ll show you how to use papers, stickers, page protectors and embellishments to showcase all the fun you had making memories at the happiest place on Earth. Her easy-to-follow instructions will have you creating a unique memory-filled album in no time at all. Get started today on your one-of-a-kind Disney-themed photo album that will be enjoyed for years to come!

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Layle Koncar

Layle has been scrapbooking for over seventeen years, beginning when her first son was born.  She's currently the Director of Marketing for Simple Stories and loves her job!  In the past, she's worked for several of the leading manufacturers in the scrapbook industry.  Layle has been teaching for the last 11 years and truly enjoys the travel and the connections with other scrapbookers that come with it.  Her work has been published in many leading scrapbook and paper crafting publications over the years.  In addition, she authored and contributed to the book Memory Art.  Besides scrapbooking, she loves skiing, reading, traveling, shopping, going to flea markets and spending time with her hubby Nick and two rambunctious boys Jack and Sam.