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Chatty Scrappers

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  • Theresa TSC
    Our original thread is still posted if you click on "other" in the Topic section. 
  • T-towngirl
    Yes, I sent you a text, and Linda and don a message, but they never responded.  I have not check today if anybody has checked in.
  • Toni-n-tn
    Hey girls ....  I see you all.  Well, Bianca and Theresa.  Not too thrilled with the new format, but it's probably just that "change" thing I'm not fond of.
    Theresa, how is Randy?  Hope he's doing better.  Love the pic of you, he and Julianna for her birthday :)  Super cute.  
    Bianca, are you camping again soon?  You sure are doing it a lot. LOL.  I guess as time has gone on it's gotten better.  That's it from me, I'm going to check out a couple of challenges.  Talk to you all soon.  Hope everyone is doing well.
  • Theresa TSC
    Toni, he's doing much better.  Still needs oxygen if he does anything exerting but able to be off the rest of the time.  That photo on facebook was of us at Julianne's first grandparent's lunch.  She started kindergarten this year.  Didn't think Randy or I looked too bad considering we had to get up at 4 a.m. to get to Lexington by her lunch period!

    BTW, not happy with the change either. But I uploaded  a card yesterday and found that the old way doesn't work.  This is actually much easier.  I opened the card in another window, copied the URL at the top of the page and then just clicked on the third little box at the top of the box you  add your note and pasted it in.  SO, that part is much easier!

  • Nylene Motherbambi
    Have I found you?  I am very confused with the new chat/forum/conversations.  I may never be able to find this thread again. I realize I am extremely computer challenged, but I'm afraid we will lose touch.
  • Nylene Motherbambi
    Theresa, so glad Randy is doing better!

    I'm afraid to try to post a layout. I had enough trouble the old way. LOL
  • T-towngirl
    Nylene, go next time you check in, go back to your first post on the new format and click the heart.  That will save it to your favorites and you can find us easy.

    Toni, no I am back in Palm Springs working on the house, today I ripped the carpeting, well half the carpeting in the master bedroom and took out a wall of mirrors in the bathroom, a thing of the eighties  .  Just took a shower, and decided to sit and rest.  My hands are hurting from using the tools.

    We have one more trip planned on the RV at the end of the month, and I hope is last one.  I am getting batter at accepting it, but don't be fooled, I still don't like it.  I want to say, I only dislike it about 90% now

    Theresa, what a cute card!,

    Glad Toni and Nylene found their way home, we still need Linda, Tena and Henri, but she won't be back until October.
  • Theresa TSC
    Blanca, great tip about the heart.  I admit, haven't read the new instructions all the way so I'm glad you did!  

    Nylene, I uploaded my card without any trouble from my phone the same way I did before.  Didn't see any changes there.  Problem I had was figuring out how to upload it here.  But, as I posted earlier, it's a lot easier!
  • Scrapperb2

    I just finished typing a message and poof it was gone, WTI, I am so glad I found this once again to be with my friends as I thought I lost all of you.

    I agree Nylene, I am not fond of this new change but I guess the younger people who were brought up with computers know how to navigate new programs easily. I am totally "old" school as at my age, 68, I was self taught and I think I have been doing a fair job.

    Glad Randy you are getting along day by day. Healing after what you went thru will be an up and down road but I am sure. When it gets difficult just talk to God and peace will come. God helped me so much I have a bag of IOU's, which means I pay it forward to another person, jmo.

    Take care and hope to see a few more on. I didn't look for an email I have been laid up with my knee, Rene had me stand on a wobbly bucket and I fell off and blew out something in my knee. TTUL

  • Theresa TSC
    Oh Linda, I hate to hear you hurt your knee!   Put ice off and on it repeatedly to help with pain and swelling.  If  you don't have an ice bag, you can use a bag of frozen peas.  Or you can make your own reuseable ice bag with two ziplock bags (one inside the other) filled with 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 water.   It won't freeze solid and will mold to your skin.  Be sure and use a pillowcase or something against your skin when you put ice on it, could cause skin damage if you put ice directly on the skin.  Don't leave it on more than 20 minutes.
  • T-towngirl
    Theresa, Thanks for the advice to Linda!   Art has been icing his foot.  We think he broke his small toe.  He hit it on a chair leg and hi ps foot has been swollen.

    Took the off from working on the house.  I will try and do something today.  But first more coffeee.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • Scrapperb2

    Hello, I hope I have found my way back to our friends. Theresa, Yes I did hurt my knee badly. I couldn't get an appointment until this coming Monday, and yes the frozen veggies work well. Monday I see Rick and he hopefully will help. Rene's first eye surgery went very well, the next one is in Oct.

    I hope everybody is doing well tonight and hopefully I will return a little sooner next time.

  • Theresa TSC
    Linda, glad Rene's surgery went well.  Hope your knee isn't damaged too badly.  

    Blanca, hate that Art hurt his foot.  May need to tape the little toe to the toe next to it to keep it straight. 

  • Nylene Motherbambi
    Blanca, thank you for the tip about the heart taking me to my post.  I am still having a hard time navigating. I have turned on my notifications but I am still not getting all the notices of projects people have posted. I try to just look for your projects, but I'm not having much luck.  I hope Art's foot is ok.

    I know you post often, Henri, but yours don't come in my notices. I'll have to spend more time figuring this all out.  

    Linda, I'm glad your husband's surgery went well.  Best wishes on the knee.  My knee is doing so much better with NEW SHOES that I am thinking I won't have a replacement this winter.  Before the new shoes I was hobbling and in such pain.  I guess a great pair of shoes can be like a miracle!

    Theresa, how's Randy doing?

    Toni, I love seeing your layouts.  Especially the ones of your children in  younger years.  It's like I "knew" them since then!
    How is school going?  How are your kids and Kaitlyn doing?  I hope everyone is well and happy.

    Gotta run.  I'm still working on my lesson for Church tomorrow. I only have 4 little 9 year olds and they are adorable, but I need to be prepared. LOL
  • Theresa TSC
    Randy continues to improve Nylene, thanks for asking.  He is really fighting hard to get off the oxygen.  I've had to  make him put it on several times because he was struggling so much.  He is doing better with the CPAP too.  Still having some anxiety but has developed a routine that seems to be working.  A lot of it is because he doesn't like change.  Think he's got just enough obsessive compulsive disorder in him to cause him problems.  He does tend to be really structured on some things and can not bend.  Others, well that's a different story. 
  • Toni-n-tn
    Hi all,

    Theresa, glad to hear Randy is doing better even if at times he is still struggling.  I think we all have those times when we won't bend, LOL.  Literally and figuratively.  I do hope you are taking care of yourself too.  Did Randy take a leave of absence from work, or has he retired?

    Don, glad you found us.  I do hope your knee will be getting better.  I'm not sure who Rick is, but whoever he is, I hope he works miracles for you :)  Did Rene
    have cataract surgery?  I just finished my second eye.  I do think this second one will be better.  I had some difficulty with the first in that I kept feeling something on my eyelid and I thought I had an eyelash, or something in my eye.  Turns out it was the incision, but that didn't stop me from probably hurting my eye a little beforehand.  I did have drops for it after and that helped tremendously.  I am taking better precautions with the second than the first, too.

    Nylene, oh, what a new pair of shoes will do!  I relied on that a lot.  And then when I found a pair that worked for me, I would go back and get another pair.
    I've actually done that every year even after I got the knee replaced.  I have to have a pair that is comfortable enough to run around Joanns and yet look okay for school.  I actually found short boots at kohls which seem to work for me.  It's their brand, too, which I found even more crazy.  I am about to try to find another pair of them as it's almost time to be replaced again. 
    I'm glad you found us on here, too.  The kids are ok.  Meagan and her DH are going through a rough patch.  Larry picks up Katelyn from preschool and watches her a couple of hours a day.  But when we're home, she spends a lot of time with us anyway.   Hannah and Kevin seem to be doing ok.  He does work a lot, as does Meagan, so that is where a lot of their problems come from.  They need their "me" time, and their spouses have a hard time with that.  I was lucky that Larry understood that ... to an extent.  He still complains about it once in a while, but we're at the stage in our relationship where I just tell him to get over it, LOL.  The kids have a long way before they can do that.  School is good this year.  I am working with some really great kids.  And they're in high school, so a lot more mature than the 7th and 8th graders.  Although I do have a couple of 7th graders I work with in their class.  One of them is great, the other fights me on everything... but he is getting better, especially when he starts to see his grade go from an F to a D or C ... baby steps, baby steps.

    Bianca, hope you and Art are doing well.  It's good to take a break from the house.  I really wish we could tackle this house, but it will have to wait a little longer.  So much needs to be done and I wouldn't even know where to start, LOL.

    Well, I better get going.  Don't want to strain the eye too much.  Also, I will need readers for sure.  Distance vision is fantabulous now, but my close vision is horrible, LOL, just the opposite of where I was before.

    Take care all.  I'm back to school tomorrow and then after that both jobs until next week...

  • Scrapperb2

    Thank you all for the care of Rene's eye surgery. The right one is next month. Fall is truly upon us as the nights are cool and the days are fairly warm. The trees are starting to get their color.

    Nice to see everybody is fine navigating this new program. It will be just fine after we all learn to navigate it. there that feels better. I send my concerns to Randy and hopefully will improve slowly. This afternoon my Dr. Rick Lorenz is going to check the left knee I stupidly hurt falling off a stool. Live and Learn---oh yeah, I don't learn so well. Well it is time for my nap . Talk to you all later.

  • Theresa TSC
    Sounds like Linda and Don are both seeing Dr Rick today so I hope you both get good results!

    Randy put his own sock on today, he was so proud!  LOL.  I'm going on a weekend retreat this weekend and he has been struggling wondering how he was going to get dressed for church.  Didn't tell me that of course.  When he did today I swear I just looked at him and said, you know you don't have to wear socks, you could just slip on your sneakers.  He said he didn't think of that, LOL.    He has met every goal they've set for his new knee.  They started working on his old knee replacement today too.  He can only bend it to 75 degrees.  He gets 124 on his new one.  The therapist said he may have to have it surgically manipulated.  Until we get him off oxygen and the clots gone, we're not letting him be put to sleep.
  • Scrapperb2
    Well Don, I hope you are better than I am doing right now. I need to wait for the x-rays to come in tomorrow, but I have on this brace with steel on the sides. I tried to help Rene in the garage and the bucket I was standing on wobbled and down I  went twisting my left knee. I can take it off a night though. Good luck
  • Nylene Motherbambi
    Linda, I am so sorry about your fall.  That's my biggest fear these days.  Hang in there and BE CAREFUL.  I hope Rene's other eye does well too.

    Toni, I laughed out loud at "I tell him to just get over it".  So true when you have been married forever!  I hope the kids work out their issues. There is so much to learn and so much meshing of two lives that there is sure to be some friction.  I'm glad you are enjoying your kids this year.  I really miss volunteering at the school but I have to adjust my schedule to be free when Steve needs me.  He's having lots of skin cancers removed this month. The day they take out the stitches, they surgically remove another one.  Seems that I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms. LOL.  Thanks for the advice on shoes. I am looking for something I can wear to church and to our addiction meetings.  We are asked to wear church clothes (dresses) to our Recovery meetings.

    I can't see posts from Don.  Has he found us?

    Blanca, as summer comes to an end, how have you felt about the RV?  How are your little gypsy boys doing?  I am hoping to see pages about them.

    Theresa, I am glad Randy is doing well and working hard to get the movement he needs in his knees.  My neighbor had to be put out while they broke up scar tissue in her knee and she did really well afterward.  I am hoping I can put mine off for a while longer.  Steve says I'm walking better now than he has seen in 3 years.  The pain is not bad at all.
    Is your weekend retreat a scrapping retreat?

    I am still getting used to this site. Eventually I'll be more comfortable here.
  • Nylene Motherbambi
    By the way, where is Henri?
  • Scrapperb2

    Hello everybody, nice to see you here Nylene and so glad the info on the shoes. Sore feet are so terrible especially when you use them everyday.

    Henri just posted she won a contest on the ship for best photo, but I don't know where she is exactly. Wish I could go and travel like she does, but not any more. I guess after 2 0-30 years it is time to stay put. getting to old AND I need to be able to stand on two feet.

    I did go to the hospital yesterday for x-ray's on my left knee, the good news is I will be laid up for 6-8 weeks, the good news I get out of a lot of housework Poor Rene. He feels so bad as this was his fault. I told him that is what happens when you hire cheap labor, free, and should have paid me.

    Have a great day everybody, is anyone seeing the sun? Please send me some. Time for my

  • T-towngirl
    Ok, so I am totally confused. I saw a list from Don, that he was opting out of the chat because he can find us.  I went back to retrace the store so I could email him the instructions and I could not find the list.  Then I found this one.  So where the heck have I been?   Theresa help me!!

    How can I help Don, if I can't help my self.  I will make sure I heart this list, so I don't loose it.

    Anhyways, have been hard at work on the on the house again! So sick of it!!  M
    Spent the weekend ripping the rest of the carpeting and the last two days going to the dump to get rid of everything.

    Wish life could stop so I can finish once and for all.

    Nyleene, the gypsy boys are fine.  Took them camping twice during the summer and they love it.  Cody started Kinder-garden and Kellan second grade.  He wants to learn Spanish, and was. Dry excited that his teacher gave him a Spanish English dictionary, so he FaceTimed me to show it to me.  I look on Amazon, and found some books on how to teach kids Spanish.  He is the only one that has really shown interest, so I am not going to miss the opportunity.  It makes my heart happy.

    Linda, hope your knee is not causing you too much pain.  I would like six weeks or R&R.

    Hope Rene's eye heals properly.  Art has a cataract but it's not ready fir surgery yet.

    There's, nice to hear Randy is making progress.  Have fun at the retreat.

    Toni, I am like you, I tell Art line it is, and my kids always make fun of us.  We have been married 24 years.  We don't have to walk on egg shells.

    Well, better run.  Hope I can find this next time.  If not, come looking for me.  In the mean time let's help Don find his way home.

    PS:  Henri, is it on another cruise, then Gawaii, so shexwill not be home until next month.
  • Scrapperb2

    Don't worry, I am always confused and it is very easy for me to feel like this. Changes are NOT good for me as I age learning gets more difficult. I suppose once we all figure this out it will be easy.

    Life never stops or even slows down. It seems as thou each day it gets shorter than the day before. I shouldn't say this but we have been married 47 years, retired and some days it is completely boring. We did travel much more this summer than ever and was very nice. I was born to travel since I did my first trip in first grade and never stopped.

    We went to the Apple orchard and picked some nice fresh apples direct from the tree. They sell cider, honey, maple syrup etc. We also stopped at the farm stand for fresh vegetables. There is nothing better than garden fresh food. I am going to make apple pie and apple crisp. I don't bake much any more. The leaves are getting beautiful.

    Since I blew my knee out, the pain is incredible and I have at least six more weeks and hopefully fine. Rene's eye is good and in Oct. he has the right one done, he is amazed how well he sees.

  • Theresa TSC
    I just clicked the heart on the top right corner to save it but to be honest, not sure what good it does. I just scan the forum board until I see the title.

    Went to my Rough River Scrapbook crop for the weekend and had a great time. Ended up getting 25 layouts and 6 cards done along with a lot of fun chatting with friends. Randy survived me being gone but texted a lot. We were going to go see Dowton Abbey Tuesday night (bargain night and I'm cheap) but my niece in law lost her step dad last night to a heart attack and the visitation is going to be Tuesday evening so I'll need to be there to support her (she is the one that just got married in June and has the three kids that I go to their events a lot). Anyway, I came home early from the crop so we could go to the movies tonight instead. It's AWESOME! Not even complaining about paying full price (well did complain about the popcorn/soda that Randy bought). I will so be buying it as soon as it comes out. The Dowager had the whole audience laughing and we all applauded at the end.
  • T-towngirl
    Good morning! I was going to go see Downtown Abby with Janet, my neighbor on Wednesday, then got a text lady night that I have company coming. Will have to see when I can go now. I sure hope I can go, I have missed so many movies because my life is so hectic. I have to wait until the cone on pay per view.

    I will send Don an email, and hopefully he will be able to find us.

    I scrap two pages yesterday, and that felt good. I have not scrapped in ages. And yes Theresa, you made me jealous!! Just kidding!

    Our weather has started to cool off. Temperatures are in the 70's during the day and high 50's at night, and honestly, that is not normal for us, we are usually in the high 90's this time of year.

    Linda, glad Rene is doing well with his eye surgery. I am sorry you are in so much pain, hope you can get some relief soon.

    Well, I better get up and get productive. Have a nice day everyone!
  • Theresa TSC
    Well Blanca is off camping again and it appears I'm all alone here!
  • T-towngirl
    I am here! Yes, we got here on Friday, and had a good weekend. Will leave tomorrow. There were three RV's and a lot people, came to visit. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of food.

    Theresa, when you get on the side, hit the MORE bottom, when the list is chats pops up, look to the right hand side, right next to the 'search forum' box it should say -my conversations- click on that and a down menu comes down, hit on my favorite posts. Chatty scrappers should be there%. Hit the heart, and then it saved. This is where you need to look.

    Will send you pictures.

    Hope you had a good weekend, I guess is just us for now.
  • Nylene Motherbambi
    I am not happy with this new forum or whatever they call it! I have to hunt to find it and sometimes just give up. I miss being able to just click and spend a few moments chatting.

    Sounds like you have been doing some RVing, Blanca. I hope you had a great time.

    Theresa, how is Randy doing? I hope he's getting more and more mobile and comfortable.

    Linda, how are you feeling? I'm sure the leaves are getting pretty in NH. We visited our DD there one Fall and it was absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm spending lots of time in waiting rooms again. DH has a lot of skin cancers they are surgically removing one by one. They are concerned about one close to his eye. They may need to take him to the hospital for micro surgery so that his eye will still close correctly. The cancer in his eye seems to be gone, but they still check him every few months. His vision today was 20/400 in his GOOD eye. The other hardly sees anything. How I wish they could do eye transplants and I'd give him one in a heartbeat. I am just grateful that the little vision he has (peripheral) is close vision so he can still use his lathe and make his beautiful wooden pens. Enough whining!

    I hope you all have a great week.
  • Theresa TSC
    Nylene, hear you about the waiting rooms--not fun. On the other side, we're not the ones getting treated so guess we're still ahead. Randy has had a rough week. He's had to use his oxygen more than he'd like. I really think they aren't doing a good job getting his blood thin enough to break up these clots. He also had the realization last night (duh!!!!) that he didn't do much all week and that probably caused him to slide back down. He is so annoying. Try my best to get him to walk more but he doesn't and then decides "on his own" that he needs to walk more so all the sudden it's a good idea. Geeessshhhh!!!!! As for the way to find the thread, follow the directions in Blanca's note.

    Blanca, glad you had fun camping. Saw a hat the other day and thought of you, it said I'm a Glamper! It had a RV and glittered letters. Cute.
  • T-towngirl
    Nylene, sorry to hear, your husband is still having cancer being removed. I know how you feel about his eye sight. Hugs!

    Theresa, you made me laugh, I can give Art advice, and he will totally ignore me, then when I do it what every I had told him to do, he will take credit for it. I just think men can't accept that we can right sometimes. I do hope Randy starts feeling better, before he has to return to work. Hugs to you too!

    We are driving back from our camping trip. We had a lot of fun. Had family and friends come visit at the campsite and we played games, and laughed so hard. It was my brother's bday, so we had a 'birthday party' for him.

    Hope my instructions help. I also marked the challenges I am, and this works perfect.

  • Nylene Motherbambi
    Ok, Blanca, I think I have figured out how to find this with your instructions. I am sad that the challenges don't show up under Challenges anymore. It's just a crazy, work around way to connect.

    To add to DH's eye issues, his glasses broke this morning and they can't replace them until Fri at the earliest. Grr. We have Recovery meetings the next 3 nights and he won't be able to read a word. Usually he can follow along with big letters on his ipad, but he'll just have to sit and listen this week. I think he will not be able to go to work either. He's not a happy camper today!

    LOL, Theresa, I agree, Blanca needs a Glamping Hat. Glad you have had a good time, Blanca.
    Time to fix lunch. I'll check in again in a couple of days.
  • Nylene Motherbambi
    Forgot to scold Randy! Tell him he must walk and get those lungs working and his knees working. Maybe he will listen to me. LOL....
  • T-towngirl
    Glad the instructions worked. Not sure if there is an easier way, but this works for me.
  • T-towngirl
    Hello!! Anyone out there?

    Well guys, hope everything is well. I am Visiting my son and grandkids this weekend.

  • Theresa TSC
    Have fun Blanca! I invited us to go up and see ours next weekend and it was approved.

    Found a website that does sublimation ink (and other vinyl type) decals and I ordered a bunch. (Craftybucks.com) You have to have a heat press or the Cricut press to use them but the images blend into the fabric. Ordered some for me and for the kids. Needs mostly poly blend material so the T-shirts aren't easy to find around here so we went to Bowling Green yesterday to pick up some at Hobby Lobby. Pressed them last night and they look so good! Michaels had some of their Frozen 12x12 albums marked down to $4 (complete with paper) so had to get two of those too.

    Looks like a Hallmark movie day today. Randy evidently picked up a stomach bug because it hit yesterday evening and is still going this morning (on the good side, he's walking more and losing weight, LOL). I woke up with the right side of my head feeling as if I was being stabbed. We both are staying in today.
  • T-towngirl
    The weekend went by way too fast. It was actually a really good weekend, and I really needed it. Even took a short nap yesterday.

    Theresa, hope you don't get whatever Randy has. That reminds me, I need to go get my flu shot.

    Great score on the albums. I ended up with about six or seven albums and a lot of craft supplies from my neighbor Ellen. Well, technically I inherited them, she passed away four months ago, but her husband sold the house and it's moving, so he gave me all her stuff. I shared it with my next door neighbor and my sister in law.

    We should be heading home in the morning.

    Have a good week everyone!

  • Theresa TSC

    Put a few simple cards together to take to the baby grands tomorrow. We're not allowed to go tonight so we'll have to get up at the crack of dawn in the morning. Julianne's school is having a fall festival and this is the first for their family so therefore no one but them can go. Ridiculous. We still could have went up tonight and just not gone, Randy wouldn't be able to anyway. Oh well, I'll see them tomorrow.

    Randy's got an echo scheduled for next week, the ultrasound the next and we'll see the doctor the 25th. Hoping he's getting better and hasn't gone into Pulmonary Hypertension. If that's the case he'll have to go on permanent disability. Still may end up extending his short term disability because he still can't do much without resting or wearing his oxygen. Certainly can't wear oxygen at McDonalds.

    Just realized one of my cards is featured on the front page of the "featured" gallery--cool!

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Pouring down rain here all day today. We need it so much!
  • T-towngirl
    Theresa, hope all goes well with Randy's exams. Hugs!

    I am sorry you could not go one day early, I, like you, just don't understand it. I grew up around both my grandmothers, and as old as I am, the memories of them are still precious.

    Not sure if you guys have seen all the fires in CA. Anyways, we were without electricity fir two days because of a fire hazard due to very strong winds.

    I can believe how dependent we are on electricity. Thank God my husband jokes about moving to Alaska and living off the grid. He hooked up a generator and we were able to charge our phones, run the refrigerator and tv. Me, not thinking, dropped leftover food in the garbage disposal tonight, thankfully the power came back up, and I ran and turned the disposal on.

    I have spent the last two days rearranging my scrap closet. My neighbor passed away four months ago and her husband sold the house, so I inherited all, and I mean all her scrap booking stuff. I did not keep it all, I shared it with my neighbor, and sister in law. I should not buy anything fir a long time.

    Have a nice weekend.
  • T-towngirl
  • Theresa TSC
    Happy Birthday Toni
  • Nylene Motherbambi
    Happy Birthday, Toni! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Hi, Theresa and Blanca. We seem to have lost everyone else. I am starting to feel like I can navigate this new forum. At least I can find you guys! I have been making a lot of Cards for Cardtober at 2pea refugees but I haven't done any layouts this month. I am hoping to get some photos ordered this week so I will have something to scrap next week.
    I'm glad to hear that Randy is doing better. I dread having my knee done. It's not intolerable right now, so I hope to hang on through the holidays.
    Blanca, is the RVing season over for you? It's cold and we are expecting snow this weekend. I hate the thoughts of winter.

    Have a great week! I will try to check in more often. Nylene
  • T-towngirl
    Good morning! Nylene, yes, RV season is over for this year, YAY! Met some friend for dinner last night, and Art was talking to them about setting next years schedule. He was talking Grand canyon and Yellowstone. I don't think I am ready for that. One of the ladies said she wanted to see Niagara falls, and I asked her if she really wanted to drive twice across the country? Told her we should take a cruise from New York instead, and see the falls from the NEW York side. That sounds better to me.

    Theresa, how was your visit with the kids? Did you enjoy yourself? How is Randy doing?

    I miss the rest of the group.

    Nothing exciting going on here, worked on some los over the weekend, but I won't post them, since they are the same pictures of Hawaii. Those are for my sil's Hawaii album.

    Have a good day!
  • Theresa TSC
    Yes, had a good visit with the grands. Kate wasn't happy about the Halloween gifts but, as I told Jeremy, I shouldn't be punished because she wants things to be fair between us and her parents. I'm not playing the game anymore. Benjamin is a hoot. He's starting talking a lot more, can count to 10 (goes to 12 but skips 11) and recognizes the color blue every time and is working on the others. He's 19 months old! Julianne is not only learning Spanish in Kindergarten but they've started French too. She and a few others that are above average are being pulled out of class and given extra lessons and she's soaking it all up. Savannah is still in the 3's so she's a challenge but she is so sweet and can get away with it. Her imagination is wild! She's dark though, lots of mean people in her stories, monsters, someone always dies, etc. Weird since they don't let them watch much TV. Thinking she's playing with kids at preschool that watch stuff they shouldn't. Sure it's just a phase. Tried to refocus on having happy stories. She's wearing her shoes on the correct feet now so that's huge. Benjamin has started showing his independence. Had a fit when Kate put an outfit on him he didn't like "no, not like, no, no, no, not like!" He wore it after some diversion activities and looked adorable but it was a battle. Raising strong willed bright kids isn't for the faint at heart!
  • Nylene Motherbambi
    Hi friends!
    Blanca, I began to laugh at your YAY that RVing is over for the season. I hope you learn to love it if you will be doing it each summer. Are you still working on your house or did you finish everything?
    Are your gypsy boys excited for Halloween?

    Theresa, I can't imagine the tightrope you walk with the DIL. Having doting grandparents in children's lives is one of the greatest blessings. She must go through life so "up tight"! I love hearing about what the kids are doing. I really miss having little ones around. Alex just turned 7. How quickly they grow up.

    Well, off to get something accomplished this evening. The kids are out of school for Fall Break so we spend time with Alex today. The older girls were working. Can you believe those 2 little redheads are 10th and 12th grades?
  • Scrapperb2

    Hello everybody, I realize that I have been silent for a few weeks. Hopefully I am in full speed ahead. So much has happened lately some good some not so good. I had a great time while my sister Trish came up from CT. and we did so many things together. I set up a card table in my scrap room and we both worked on projects. She is really good so many crafts. I was away for several days due to health treatments. I am doing better. I did manage to make a few Halloween cards.

    My knees are so bad and painful I have had treatments for both of them and it didn't help. The brace I have for my left one isn't helping. I see a doctor next week to talk about when my left will be replaced. I am surely nervous about this procedure that's for sure.. Any advice?? Ren e's eye is healed and soon will have the right eye done. We have so many health problems at least the doctors are making money off of us.

    I cleaned up all my Halloween/fall items and put everything away. I am going to get out all of my Christmas papers, embellishments to start making Christmas Cards. I am slow so I need to get going. Although my list is not as big this year I will do some and wait to see who sends me one back.

  • T-towngirl
    Hi ladies!

    Linda, so nice to see you back. Was wondering what had happened to you.

    So many people lately are having issues with their knees. One of my friends, had her knee replaced last year, and this year she fell and injured the leg, so she had to have another knee replacement.

    I am happy to hear you are keeping busy. I wish my sister was crafty, she does not like to do anything. We are so opposite, she is a great cook, I cook. But other than that, she will not sew, scrap, garden, etc. all the things I like to do.

    Theresa, Julieane is very lucky she is learning Spanish and French. The gypsy boys were assigned to Dual language school, but both Randy and Amy, did not want them in that class. I was mad that they would deny their kids such a great opportunity. So, I am going to teach them Spanish, because the boys want to learn it. I am going to be the rebellious grandma .

    Anyways, Is she in dual language school? Or just getting extra work? Dual language starts with Kindergarden and the kids stay together fir the next six years. They start with 95 % Spanish and decreases as the years go by. My cousin in Texas put her kids in that class. But really, in El Paso, Texas, everyone speaks Spanish, but going to school they will learn to read it and write it.

    Not sure if your dil will take advise from you, but it would be beneficial for Julianne to watch cartoons in Spanish so she can get the right pronunciation.

    I learned English as a 16year old, and it was not very hard, but I was embarrassed to speak it, could read it, write it and understand it, but did not want to speak it. Good thing you guys can't hear my accent . Anyways, watching Tv and having a dictionary close by helped me. I have been teaching my self Italian, and I am doing the same thing. I even got the Italian channels on my cable so I can hear the pronunciation. I try to force my self to watch a program every day, I have a notebook next to my chair, and will write things down. When I went to Italy, was able to communicate with people, so I guess I am learning, but do wish I had someone e to talk to, so they could correct me if I said something wrong.

    Nylene, I don't know what the boys are going to be for Halloween, Randy said their mom had bought their costumes already.

    They are getting so big. I need to scrap recent pictures so you can see them. Took them camping with us twice this summer, they love the motor home. Kellan is in second grade, and Cody is in Kinder garden. They are so cute!

    Well, better go to bed, it's past midnight.
  • Theresa TSC
    Linda and Nylene, good to "see" you both, it was getting lonely but Blanca and I were trying to keep the thread going!

    Blanca, no, Julianne isn't in a dual language school. At least I don't think so. She and three other students in her kindergarten class are being pulled out and given additional work because they're so far advanced. The teacher recognized it and doesn't want them to be bored. We're thrilled that they're challenging her. She loves to learn. As for watching cartoons in Spanish, she doesn't let them watch much in English. They get 30 minutes of screen time a day, that's it. She does let them watch educational cartoons on netflix but is really careful about what they see. They have a movie night every couple of weeks and get to watch a Disney movie IF they've been good. Jeremy would probably let them watch more but Kate is adamant that too much screen time is damaging. The kids are brilliant so she's on to something.

    Going to a weekend crop this coming weekend and haven't packed a thing. Did print some recent photos and organized the ones I already had so I have at least that going for me. Work is going to be tough this week, knew that, didn't do a thing over the weekend either. Oh well, did 26 layouts at the last weekend crop by just throwing stuff in the car, LOL.

  • Tinacloer
    Hi Scrappy friends! I found you all!!! I evidently haven't been on the forums in a month, it definitely looks different. I'm sure it will be fine though.

    Theresa - have fun at your crop this weekend. I went to one last month and got a bunch of pages done. I hope you have fun playing with your new photos, that is always inspiring to me.

    Life here is buzzing along. September and October are always really busy for me at work. Grif and Mallory went back to school after fall break this week. We didn't go anyplace, but I did take a couple of days off work to do fun things around town.

    I also got happy news this week, a local foundation is giving me a paid sabbatical next summer. Ron and I will be going to Spain and Portugal for a couple of weeks. I've never been to Europe, or anyplace far away like that. We are pretty excited! I need to find time to work on our itinerary.

    Anywho, I need to go to bed. But wanted to drop by to say hi to all of you.


  • Scrapperb2
    Oh my goodness I don't know what just happened but I lost the message I was writing. I am getting so frustrated with the changes that has been made, I don't know about everyone else
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