Chatty Scrappers

  • Theresa TSC says...
    Our original thread is still posted if you click on "other" in the Topic section. 
  • T-towngirl says...
    Yes, I sent you a text, and Linda and don a message, but they never responded.  I have not check today if anybody has checked in.
  • Toni-n-tn says...
    Hey girls ....  I see you all.  Well, Bianca and Theresa.  Not too thrilled with the new format, but it's probably just that "change" thing I'm not fond of.
    Theresa, how is Randy?  Hope he's doing better.  Love the pic of you, he and Julianna for her birthday :)  Super cute.  
    Bianca, are you camping again soon?  You sure are doing it a lot. LOL.  I guess as time has gone on it's gotten better.  That's it from me, I'm going to check out a couple of challenges.  Talk to you all soon.  Hope everyone is doing well.
  • Theresa TSC says...
    Toni, he's doing much better.  Still needs oxygen if he does anything exerting but able to be off the rest of the time.  That photo on facebook was of us at Julianne's first grandparent's lunch.  She started kindergarten this year.  Didn't think Randy or I looked too bad considering we had to get up at 4 a.m. to get to Lexington by her lunch period!

    BTW, not happy with the change either. But I uploaded  a card yesterday and found that the old way doesn't work.  This is actually much easier.  I opened the card in another window, copied the URL at the top of the page and then just clicked on the third little box at the top of the box you  add your note and pasted it in.  SO, that part is much easier!

  • Nylene Motherbambi says...
    Have I found you?  I am very confused with the new chat/forum/conversations.  I may never be able to find this thread again. I realize I am extremely computer challenged, but I'm afraid we will lose touch.
  • Nylene Motherbambi says...
    Theresa, so glad Randy is doing better!

    I'm afraid to try to post a layout. I had enough trouble the old way. LOL
  • T-towngirl says...
    Nylene, go next time you check in, go back to your first post on the new format and click the heart.  That will save it to your favorites and you can find us easy.

    Toni, no I am back in Palm Springs working on the house, today I ripped the carpeting, well half the carpeting in the master bedroom and took out a wall of mirrors in the bathroom, a thing of the eighties  .  Just took a shower, and decided to sit and rest.  My hands are hurting from using the tools.

    We have one more trip planned on the RV at the end of the month, and I hope is last one.  I am getting batter at accepting it, but don't be fooled, I still don't like it.  I want to say, I only dislike it about 90% now

    Theresa, what a cute card!,

    Glad Toni and Nylene found their way home, we still need Linda, Tena and Henri, but she won't be back until October.
  • Theresa TSC says...
    Blanca, great tip about the heart.  I admit, haven't read the new instructions all the way so I'm glad you did!  

    Nylene, I uploaded my card without any trouble from my phone the same way I did before.  Didn't see any changes there.  Problem I had was figuring out how to upload it here.  But, as I posted earlier, it's a lot easier!
  • Scrapperb2 says...

    I just finished typing a message and poof it was gone, WTI, I am so glad I found this once again to be with my friends as I thought I lost all of you.

    I agree Nylene, I am not fond of this new change but I guess the younger people who were brought up with computers know how to navigate new programs easily. I am totally "old" school as at my age, 68, I was self taught and I think I have been doing a fair job.

    Glad Randy you are getting along day by day. Healing after what you went thru will be an up and down road but I am sure. When it gets difficult just talk to God and peace will come. God helped me so much I have a bag of IOU's, which means I pay it forward to another person, jmo.

    Take care and hope to see a few more on. I didn't look for an email I have been laid up with my knee, Rene had me stand on a wobbly bucket and I fell off and blew out something in my knee. TTUL

  • Theresa TSC says...
    Oh Linda, I hate to hear you hurt your knee!   Put ice off and on it repeatedly to help with pain and swelling.  If  you don't have an ice bag, you can use a bag of frozen peas.  Or you can make your own reuseable ice bag with two ziplock bags (one inside the other) filled with 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 water.   It won't freeze solid and will mold to your skin.  Be sure and use a pillowcase or something against your skin when you put ice on it, could cause skin damage if you put ice directly on the skin.  Don't leave it on more than 20 minutes.
  • New T-towngirl says...
    Theresa, Thanks for the advice to Linda!   Art has been icing his foot.  We think he broke his small toe.  He hit it on a chair leg and hi ps foot has been swollen.

    Took the off from working on the house.  I will try and do something today.  But first more coffeee.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • New Scrapperb2 says...

    Hello, I hope I have found my way back to our friends. Theresa, Yes I did hurt my knee badly. I couldn't get an appointment until this coming Monday, and yes the frozen veggies work well. Monday I see Rick and he hopefully will help. Rene's first eye surgery went very well, the next one is in Oct.

    I hope everybody is doing well tonight and hopefully I will return a little sooner next time.

  • New Theresa TSC says...
    Linda, glad Rene's surgery went well.  Hope your knee isn't damaged too badly.  

    Blanca, hate that Art hurt his foot.  May need to tape the little toe to the toe next to it to keep it straight. 

  • New Nylene Motherbambi says...
    Blanca, thank you for the tip about the heart taking me to my post.  I am still having a hard time navigating. I have turned on my notifications but I am still not getting all the notices of projects people have posted. I try to just look for your projects, but I'm not having much luck.  I hope Art's foot is ok.

    I know you post often, Henri, but yours don't come in my notices. I'll have to spend more time figuring this all out.  

    Linda, I'm glad your husband's surgery went well.  Best wishes on the knee.  My knee is doing so much better with NEW SHOES that I am thinking I won't have a replacement this winter.  Before the new shoes I was hobbling and in such pain.  I guess a great pair of shoes can be like a miracle!

    Theresa, how's Randy doing?

    Toni, I love seeing your layouts.  Especially the ones of your children in  younger years.  It's like I "knew" them since then!
    How is school going?  How are your kids and Kaitlyn doing?  I hope everyone is well and happy.

    Gotta run.  I'm still working on my lesson for Church tomorrow. I only have 4 little 9 year olds and they are adorable, but I need to be prepared. LOL