• Chloeannwalton
    I'm new to scrapbooking and want some advice as I'm starting a scrapbook for my engagement photos/cards etc.
    I have a 12x12 spiral bound scrapbook however the pages are slightly smaller than 12x12 and was just wondering about page protectors, what ones are the best ones you use?

  • Lisn2cats
    Not sure if I understand your question. Most likely, there aren't page protectors for a spiral bound scrapbook - they're not really made for that. However, you could rig a protector from regular 12x12 protector with a little creative thinking. For example, you could cut off the 3-ring holed edge (with a trimmer) and slide the protector on to your page - but it's going to be bigger than the scrapbook page. You could create a "sleeve" - cut off the sides to fit the width and slide onto the page (creative memories used to have those sort of sleeves for their pages). Or you could try Google to find other solutions.
  • Kel3
    if it's just that the holes don't line up you could just use a hole punch and make new holes. I have recollection brand page protectors in my 8.5x11 3 ring binders not sure if they make ones that will fit 12x12