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She was skipping meals if she didn't like what the school served, and drinking nothing during the day besides a small thing of milk, all of which I found out at the Doc's office It never occured to me that just because I was paying for her lunch and breakfast everyday at school that she would take the drink and pass out the rest of the food to students who didn't have the money to eat, or who liked what they were having. She eats ok at home, but for the most part for dinner she has no choice unless she wants to cook that night (she loves cooking.)That was why we made stuff for her to bring from home for breakfast and why she has the pb and bannana chips that way I know for sure she is eating something during the day. I also sent her a reusable water bottle to school and the doc wrote her a note letting the teachers know she would need to be allowed to go to the restroom (which was why she wasn't drinking much, she never had time between class to go to the restroom without being late, or missing her lunch time)

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