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This is my nephew and niece. I made it for my sister. I love my nephew's shirt - the arrow says "The Face of" and "Autism" just below. Donivan is a "non-verbal" autistic, and when he was little and couldn't communicate what he wanted to my sister he would sometimes through tantrums, or just get loud. I remember my sister always getting dirty looks from other know, those looks of "somebody doesn't know how to make their children behave" that I have even been guilty of giving to people from time to time. We would always discuss how we couldn't put a sign on him declaring he was autistic so that people would understand...but my sister finally found this shirt :) He doesn't throw those tantrums as much anymore, as he has learned other ways to communicate, and it took until he was 17 to find this shirt, but it makes me smile looking at this picture of him with the shirt, and what a happy child he is today!