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Did this for the newsletter for A Million Memories kit club.
You are just an average boy. One that plays sports, goes to school & church and sometimes fights with his siblings. You are busy that is for sure, but regardless of your schedule, you spend time with God daily. You are responsible at school & home and bring joy to everyone around you. Sure, there are those moments when you aren't the most respectful kid, but you are truly characterized by hard work and respect for those around you. As a little kid, your speech delay put you in speech therapy. You worked so hard that therapy was no longer needed and today there is no evidence of this problem. A few years down the road, you were diagnosed with dyslexia. Again, your daily hard work in classes helped you succeed because you refused this label. Despite this learning disability, you got straight As in school and even earned character awards from your teachers. They believe you are an amazing story, so do we and so does God and one day, you will tell others how just an average boy went on to do amazing things.