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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

You know those pics that you have of your kids that aren't any good - OR they aren't acting good! Well, I have a ton of them & used a few here. Used the kit from A Million Memories. :)
Bad morning hair
The constant sweet tooth
Avoiding photos
Drumming on things all the time
Not sharing
Countless errands
Bad Halloween costumes
Ruining family photos by making faces

Even though all of you do these things that make me
absolutely nuts, it is still good. No matter what.
Regardless of the hundreds of dollars I spend
on gas running you from place to place, using
creative techniques for avoiding photos, serious
attitude, drama drama drama, convincing each
of you that sugar is not a food group, laughing
at crazy morning hair, listening to you drumming
*off beat on objects all the time or ruining family
photos with a crazy face. It all makes me crazy but
you know what? Itís all good. Every little bit of it.