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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Some times the only way I can get my 15 year old to listen to me is to scrapbook. She likes the pictures I take of her and she is often curious and asks to see the page. That is sometimes the best way to get her to listen. Ugh - teenagers! You give them an inch and they swim all over!

I used strips of all of the different papers and fringed the edges. :)

You asked me why I scrapbook?

The answer is simple, because sometimes, this is the best way to get you to listen.

There are days when you will listen to my motherly advice, but those days are few. I did learn, however, that you will look at the scrapbooks I have made you. You like to look at them for many reasons - because you are vain, want to reminisce or just plain bored.

No matter the reason, you look at the work I put into the pages for you and you read. You read about my never ending love for you and any advice I really want you to hear. Itís not the same as talking face to face Ė but Iíll take it!