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Opening page for the book I did, it was for a friend I grew up with, she wanted to give her mom one full 12x12 of just the sisters & mom, so fun to work on such a "girly" book, rarely get to throw down with the all the pinks and flowers!! This pp was part of the DCWV so sweet stack, I loved this pp, but the cake was so out of place, the tag is covering the cake :)!! The flowers are a combination of so many, either cricut cut, sizzix, handmade or bought - I so lose track as they are all kept together by color, pretty sure of the sizzix cuts though, different materials were used for them, the two larger have combos of transperancy paper with the edges highlighted, felt, cardstock, then topped off with rhinestone flower brads, those are older from creating keepsakes, the smaller flowers are just cardstock and pp topped off with rhinestones and popped to go over the flourish, which was felt, then I mixed some making memories paint for the pink color you see, and went to town painting them, they look a lot better in person, kind of a cement texture to them. The large flourishes are the cricut home accent catridge, then embellished with a mix of rhinestones and crystals, the swirls throughout the pp already had glitter bud I did do small streaks down them and blend for a little more sparkle - not 100% sure if I want to add any to the larger floursih, part of me wants to, part of me says let it be...... suggestions welcome!!! I also think I finally figured out...after much fussing how to take the photo of the actual page and edit it better for viewing.... can't stand how mine are in the gallery - so need to re-photograph - and I can't believe my solution was so simple, just got the type of holder you have plates in - thanks to so many on here for that idea - it worked great!! Thanks for looking!