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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I go thru fits where I just need to create and this bunch is a result of wanting to just play with flowers, all different colors, materials and such! All are a combo of fabric, felt and cardstock. I use craft interfacing on the fabric before running it through the Sizzix. Some are attached soley by a brad, the ones with the buttons have each layer a glue dab in the middle with the button sewn on, I made each them in a set of 3 - you should see the desk they were created on, looks like a field of fabric, felt and paper just blew up!!! So much fun to just play, I just finished an album for a client and I needed to just let loose after so much structure!! I think I needed a dose of colors as well, the album was antique so I had been in dark color land for toooooo long and needed to play!!