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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

And so the journey from observer to participant joyfully begins! :)

This is my first scrapbooking page ever (and just about the first paper craft project of any kind I've made since grade school!). I created it on October 28th, and have subsequently made two other pages since then. To say that I am in love with this hobby (art) would be a massively understatement.

The photo in this LO is of my maternal grandmother as a young woman (circa late 1940s), as she frolicked merrily in a mountain of snow in her hometown of Dawson, Yukon, Canada.

For as long as I have memories stretching back I can recall hearing tales of the Yukon from my grandma (who goes by the endearingly sweet moniker of "Grannie"), about a land as wild and untamed as it was beautiful. Nestled under a blanket of northern lights, fraught with the dreams and heartaches of a million gold rush participants (of which her father was one, trekking over the Chilkoot Pass), this arctic land seemed like another, entirely memorizing, world to a little girl living in the southern tip of British Columbia.

Though I poured over works of writers like Pierre Berton and Robert Service as I grew up, nothing captured the spirit of the Yukon so eloquently nor as vividly for me as the stories (and few photos) from my grandmother herself. From these tales a call as gripping as that which lead arctic pioneers to seek gold in the barren arctic tundra in the first place, imbued a fascination in my soul with the Yukon.

One day I will get there in person. I will see the horizon of snow, the waltzing sky, and the remnants of a frenzy for riches myself, but until that day, I have photos like this to remind why the - as the journaling on the page says - the Yukon flows like gold dust through my veins.

~ Heartfelt thanks for checking my page out. Any questions about this LO, please don't hesitate to ask! Wishing you a blissfully creative day!