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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I wish I could take credit for this layout all the way but I got my Christmas edition of Scrapbook Creations Magazine and found on page 17 a paper scrapbooking layout done by Donna Wild"Molly's First M" I can't display the scrapbooking Layout because of copyright issues but I'll describe it as being similiar to this style I have done of my eldest son Connal. Donnas layout has little varied vintage silver buttons from K&Company and silver and white paper from Chatterbox and features her baby girl Molly and hearts cut out.
Connals' Braces
This was a big year for you Connal, You became a Teen and you got braces, cost $5200! Your in year 8 and an above advanced student
I used grunged and sanded papers from the Boy! Oh Boy! kit, with the chipped paint tin buttons provided by atomic cupcakes actions for photoshop. I layered the same photo on top of each other transforming it by a few degrees each way, I wasn't happy with the shadowing so I added a faded layer with brushing in between the photos to give a more natural look of the photo raising in places. I used atomic's painted wood action and my custom brushes to make the letters of Connals name. I also added an extra photo in that wasn't in the scrapbooking layout of Donna's.
I used the stitching styles of Lara Paytons "whip stitching" for the vertical stitching. The tags were my idea too for the all important journalling I wanted to include with this photo memory page.