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Give cheer Give a Cheer

Note these 2 Things:
1) My scanner is dirty and I CANNOT seem to get it clean, so any spots you see on the black BG are not actually on the layout
2)The Pig Sticker's body is also pink (to match it's head), but since it's a 3-D sticker, the scanner isn't picking that up.

I just realized I used "His Good Side" as a title in the past DOH!
So I distinguished this by adding the date to the title
cuz #OCD, LOL

#63 of 75 (2018)

Traditional Layout

Journaling -

Top: "Make sure you get my good side, Grammy!"
Hamlet...all your sides are good"

"A girl on IG commented on this photo "I have a crush on Hamlet" ::smile::

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