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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

ok. so now i have posted this and deleted it twice.....
was trying to stay in a more "graphic" vane -but couldnt settle on how this looked without the embellishments - maybe its the paper (which i love) it lended itself to "more" rather than graphic - not sure.. would love your feedback on this version:
mindy teresawa's flutter butter kit - pp & ribbons - and anna aspnes hipster plumes from designerdigital
name plate from ksharonk - vintage charm love notes
flower - traci simes - sweet mocha kit
sweet little tag - scrap girls
now the thank you part - this title - i got from one of deenaw's and one of samsmoms layouts - i loved it!!! and appropriately i was told that when i am stuck on a lo - just sit back and look at the picture and think about it what comes to mind, what do you keep thinking - well....... this is it..... i could't get it out of my head as i look into his sweet face!!! so thanks ladies!