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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Finally Finished with my Steampunk Project and I'm quite happy with how it all turned out! Well this is what all the project tags fit in. You may think the photo is ruined but I did it intentionally! I felt it looked wrong in pristine condition! I used a whole lot of products in this project including 2 metal drawer handle back plates. The focus was about this old crow is still in love, making every moment count and staying strong though it all and always being true to myself! I think I achieved that thru my design! The inside of large hanging pocket holds some love letters, poems, etc. from hubby and a few photos as well as the large "Alter Time tag" If you want more details on the individual tags and products used, , they are in my gallery that I added prior to this. This project reminded me of the song Leather and Lace by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks! A bit heavy, a bit quirky, lots of leathers and lace, but thats me!. The items below were used throughout entire project pieces. TFL!