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Carrie640's Reviews

  • It Can Be a Nightmare!!! (03 July 2018)

    Yes, it's smooth. Yes, it's a brilliant concept. Yes, it can be a HUGE PITA. I won't EVER buy this again. You have to watch every move you make with this stuff otherwise you will end up with an unraveled loopy mess that is a BEAR to fix. Recently, this has become a more frequent problem for me. I would attach a picture to show what this looks like, but that's not an option. If you go to YouTube and search "Fix Glider Pro tape", you will see what it looks like and how to fix it...but fixing it isn't as easy at it seems. I'd rather get el-cheapo runner than deal with this mess.

  • Not very long lasting.... (31 December 2010)

    The product itself is amazing. The adhesive is holds the paper in place without making it difficult to remove. The huge downside? They don't last too long. Xyron had told me they are meant to last 6 months, but I have yet to get mine to go even half that long. Because ANY Wishblade product is impossible to find locally, I use a spray adhesive to make the mats go further, however, these things collect lint, dirt, bits of paper, and get grubby easily (especially when the original adhesive no longer wants to hold the protective covers).

    Spray adhesive works, but can be difficult when trying to remove paper. Of course, then you add on the fact it is being sprayed and it can leave gritty residue on other things since it becomes airborne..... UGH. Just UGH.

  • Verified Buyer

    JUST as costly, in the long run.....! (14 May 2010)

    I COMPLETELY agree with Adarasmommy!

    I was ecstatic when I bought this thing 3 years ago! I was a lettering junkie (still am!) and to be able to cut any font (within reason) at any size (pretty much) was like a DREAM!

    First issue: at the time, lack of instruction. The 'manual" that came with this was so vague and only went over a few things. I figured out how to do lettering, but forget anything else. I see now there are videos out there on "how to". I don't believe the software is user-friendly, as a whole.

    Second issue: cutting mats. I was told by Xyron these should last 6 months-ish. Huh. Mine didn't. If you use them frequently, it is only natural for the stick to become "less sticky". I ended up buying a spray adhesive to spray to the mats to compensate...and that was messy (because, let's be honest...hard to find the replacements anywhere locally!)

    Which brings me to the third issue: Can't buy parts LOCALLY! SERIOUSLY! I had to drive almost 2 hours to find this machine to begin with....and maybe that should've been my first clue. What I found out at the Mega Meet (Expo) is that Xyron is NOT a great company to work with and many businesses just don't even bother. Well, who wants to have to rely on ordering online all the time and pay shipping? When something is need of replacing, I need it NOW..not in 7-14 days.

    Fourth issue: Let's talk about the SUPPORT!! I went from an XP machine to a Vista 64 machine. Well, Xyron decided to "give" drivers for Vista 32, but OHHH NOOOO.....they weren't going to do anymore for OS above that. Nice. You fork out $400 for a machine and can't run it because technology moves SO fast and Xyron won't move with it??? BUT.....they "kind of" do. I've moved to a Windows 7 machine and if I want to run the dusty machine, I have to fork out an ADDITIONAL $100 for the software. REALLY (in a Seth and Amy tone of voice)! It's UNREAL! I mean, it's like buying a Geo car and Lexus! If I bought some cheapy thing, I would've expected to have to pay a little to upgrade...but come ON! $100 upgrade for a machine that was already paid out the nose for? Sorry. Not gonna happen.

    You go jump on Sillhouette's website. There is the software/drivers (that are CURRENT) right on their website available for ANYONE to download at no additional cost.

    I don't mind even paying a small fee for the work invested in updating software, but $100 is OUTRAGEOUS for a machine that cost me over $400 at the time.

    Don't do it. You won't be happy down the road.

  • LOVE at first SIGHT! (11 May 2010)

    I cannot even begin to tell you HOW LONG I've been seeking for the END-ALL ribbon solution. Seriously. I've tried EVERYTHING from those stinkin' plastic ribbon things to the cards to the Making Memories magnetic jobs (those are nice, though...just not THE END-ALL solution) trying to make my own with wooden shoving things in a container!

    At the Mega Meet Expo thingy in Michigan last weekend, I saw this. It was on display at a local stores stopped me dead in my tracks. It did. I was drooling and I *KNEW* I *HAD* to have it. It was about half the regular price, it was like, "UGH, I don't want to spend that much TOTAL AT ALL today", but at the same time, it was something that I knew I had to have and just couldn't find ANYWHERE.

    So, I sucked it up and wrote the check....and I am not looking back!

    This sucker is DEEP enough to hold the largest spools without them even reaching the top and wide enough to nearly hold every stinking piece of ribbon and spool I OWN! SERIOUSLY..and I am a ribbon-a-holic!

    There is even this nifty little thing inside that you can push up against the last spool (if it isn't full) to keep it from falling over!

    I want to shake this Renee's hand...that is one seriously smart chick!!! :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My search has ended!!