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Carrievision's Reviews

  • Compact tool, easy circles! (04 January 2009)

    I had been on the hunt for a circle cutter for a long time. So many of them are bulky, requiring a blade, templates, and a glass cutting mat. Then this little guy came along. I already owned the BasicGrey magnetic cutting mat, and this tool works perfectly with it and the magnets that come with the mat!

    I was cutting perfect circles right away. I like how you can fine tune the sizes of your circles, and can cut 4-12" circles. The only con I see is that you might want circles that are under 4". Even so, I think this is a handy tool and I will be using it often.

  • I heart stickles! (31 January 2008)

    Remember the puffy paint we all used on our t-shirts in the 90s? Well, now it's back in something we can use in our scrapbooks! I have this color of stickles and have used them for several projects. One of my favorite things to do with them is highlight certain areas of patterned paper or stickers. For example, I had some stickers with water on them and I used it to make the water "sparkle"! The only con to stickles is that it takes a few hours for them to dry, so be ready to set your work aside for a few hours before you finish your page.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for detail work (20 November 2007)

    I think that these scissors are great for cutting out intricate designs, like cutting a face or a portion of a photo out. The spring loaded handle ensures that your hands don't get tired from being bent up inside the traditional type of scissor handle.

    One caveat - don't try to use them to cut straight lines!! It's almost impossible!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love it! (10 October 2007)

    Boy, what took me so long to get this? I've only had it about a week but it's great so far. You can line paper up EXACTLY to trim it - so many times I've used a trimmer, it somehow ends up crooked! I also agree with the other reviewers - the included magnets are great for keeping your workspace organized while you're working - especially since I will get up and leave mid-layout, this holds everything in place until I'm ready to return to the project.

    I agree that more magnets would be a good addition to this kit. However, I saw that you can buy an extra set of magnets, so I might do that.

  • Verified Buyer

    I agree! (04 October 2007)

    These chalks are great. They were one of my first purchases for my scrapbooking tools, and I find myself using them all the time. They are great for adding that "something extra" to die cuts and the edges of torn paper! I also love that the applicator is included, along with all the pom-poms you'll need!