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Amandalea's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Love at first Sight! (21 July 2007)

    One of my favorite lines! If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out. This paper is high quality, double sided and it all goes together so perfectly. The patterns are simple and small; they would work well in mini-books or in 12x12 albums. It has a very classic look and feel. The kit comes with alpha's and die-cuts; tags, frames and strips. The kit is a very good bargain, with 2 sheets of each design, just enough paper for those who like to do two page layouts.

  • Love this Album (17 July 2007)

    This album is covered with what feels and looks like micro suede. It comes in a very pretty and cool tone of blue. It is sold with 12 top loading page protectors (true 12 by 12 size) that allow for fat embellishing. This is a post bound album, post extenders and addition page protectors are available. 12 full front and back pages fit without post extenders. It has a high quality cover with easy access to the front photo window. I love to just hold this album and touch it. One of my favorites!

  • I love these things! (16 July 2007)

    This is how I organize my ribbon. I remove my ribbon from the spool, wind it up and place it in the embellishment box. It takes a bit of time depending on how much ribbon you have. I place the boxes in something like the Cropper Hopper Embellishment Organizer. I always know what ribbon I have and it takes up very little space. I also use these little boxes for sewing embellishments, snaps, brads, eyelets, buttons…because these boxes are clear you don’t have to open them to figure out what’s inside. The only bad thing is the width, ribbon over ½” will not fit.

  • Great for little stuff and more (16 July 2007)

    This is a great adhesive. I constantly find myself using this glue pen on small things like strips of paper, letters and ribbon. You just touch the ball of the pen to the surface of whatever you want to glue, squeeze a little and roll. I have never had any problems getting the glue to flow. You can also let the glue dry before you adhere and it becomes repositionable. The fine tip also makes this glue pen good for free hand embossing and glitter. Photo safe.

  • My Favorite Trimmer (15 July 2007)

    I have had this trimmer for a couple years and love it. The blade slides so you can start at any point on your paper. It is also very easy to get a straight cut. The replacement blades are easy to find and pretty cheap, (they have scoring blades too.) This little trimmer is small enough to easily fit into a crop bag and go with you on the road. The only problem I have had is if I have a strip of paper thinner then about a 1” and I want to cut it, it is difficult to hold it in place. The blade arm overlaps the paper by ¾”. Otherwise, this product it great, it is portable, easy to keep clean, easy to operate, inexpensive and it cuts straight!

  • Full of Ideas, Easy to Read (14 July 2007)

    Whether you are a pattern paper person or not, this book will get your wheels turning. It is full of ideas and tips on how to use and coordinate all sorts of papers. It is also full of embellishment ideas. It explores a wide range of styles and includes easy to follow layout break downs beneath each scrapbook page. This book will inspire you to try different things. It is perfect for anyone looking to learn something new, polish their individual style or even scrap-lift. A great tool to keep on hand, you’ll find yourself going back to it time and time again.


    I have had this tool for over a year and compared to any other tool I own it is the most useful. It also inspires me to try different things. I can honestly say that no matter what the project is, I reach for my Crop-A-Dile. It is so easy to selected different settings for all different sizes of eyelets and snaps. NO HAMMER and NO SELF-HEALING PAD needed. It may take a little time to get use to, balancing the snap or eyelet can be a little tricky at first, but once you've got it, you'll be on a roll. The grip is a little wide, but it doesn’t take too much hand strength to close. The absolute best part about this tool, isn't the fact that you'll start using you eyelets and snaps again, it is the hole punches! They will go through just about anything. I use them to weave ribbon and string or just bring out the layers of my work and add accents. I am always coming up with new ideas on how to use this tool. MUST BUY for anyone who uses or would like to use snaps and eyelets!

  • Why Not? (13 July 2007)

    It's a stapler. The best thing about this tool is it can reach into the middle of a 12X12 layout. There are also a large variety of staples available; different colors and designs to include Disney. The worst thing about this tool is it won't set regular staples, so you have to have two staplers on hand. The cute little staples will add a nice accent to almost any page. It will take a little patience and practice to get the staples exactly where you want them. I know some have bought the staples and used a foam pad to push them into the paper and then a set of pliers to bend the prongs. I tried this and I would much rather use the Fastenater, it is quicker and easier. This is a good buy if you are looking to expand you embellishing options, but it is not a must have.

  • For the of LOVE TAGS (only) (13 July 2007)

    When I first took this out of the package, I felt cheated before I even used it. It isn't built for anything more than folding the aluminum frames. When I started using it, I was more than disappointed. Once you have the tool, you have to buy the frames (some are included in this kit). Now you use the stencil, found in the package of frames, to trace the outline of the tag. Next you cut out the tag, not that easy for the circles, and place it in the tag frame. (I find it best to cut the tag larger and trim as needed.) All this tool does is squash the aluminum frame into place. These little frames have such a small lip that I constantly find myself pushing the paper out of them when I am adding embellishments. Unless you love tags and are looking for a new way to dress them up, I wouldn’t recommend this product without a discount or coupon.