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Chi-Girl's Reviews

  • so loving Cinnamon (24 November 2009)

    This is a must have Stickle color. Just a perfect touch to any LO

  • Diamond is just... (24 November 2009)

    So nice! Has that perfect touch of Bling any girl could ask for...
    Stock up this is a can't live without I have 2 on hand at all times!

  • Can't be with out this color (24 November 2009)

    Ok this color is just awesome I love this color as much as I do Fruit Pumch!!! You can't go wrong with this color or any of Stickles... Stock up.

  • Love (24 November 2009)

    I think this color is just awesome... I can't not be with out this color it is so vibrant it adds just that perfect touch of color and bling.

  • Great little tool (24 November 2009)

    I bought this not to long ago... I've found uses for this item in many of my LO's. I am glad I purchased this.

  • Pretty (24 November 2009)

    I do like this color for certain things the glitter is a lot lower key in this one vs Diamond and Stardust. But over all have found use for this and have 2 bottles in my Stickles collection.

  • Nice color (24 November 2009)

    I gave this a quick test trial as I do when I get any new Stickles and I was amazed how nice this color is.

  • Nice color (24 November 2009)

    Another color I wasn't sure about but bought because DD loves REDS and this suites her fancy.

  • XMAS RED ROCKS!!! (24 November 2009)

    I'm not crazy about RED but Xmas RED Rocks... Glad I didn't pass on this color. This is DD favorite color and she's totally loving it!

  • Another Fav (24 November 2009)

    I really like this Lime Green another versatile Stickles! I have 2 more on order as I type...

  • This really surprised me! (24 November 2009)

    I'm not crazy about this type of Green but Holly really is very nice... Glad I didn't pass on this color.

  • Love this Yellow (24 November 2009)

    I just can't say enough about Stickles they are my favorite... This Yellow is just so versatile couldn't see myself with out an extra bottle... Stock up on all the colors

  • Another Fav (24 November 2009)

    Ok this orange is another color I can't be with out! Just love it... the orange is so orange and it is so joyful I could just eat it lol.
    Stickles are a must in my scrapping. Don't hesitate you won't be disappointed.

  • Another Fav (24 November 2009)

    Ok Patina is so hard to find... SO when you find it stock up!
    Love the spec's of color in this color it's so versatile.
    I'm a big fan of Stickles and this color.

  • Love this Golden Rod (24 November 2009)

    Ok I was like do I really need a Golden Rod and a Gold but wow oh wow they are both awesome couldn't see myself with out either one! I have a few of both on hand at all times.

  • Great color (24 November 2009)

    I haven't really gotten to use this color but I did test it out and I was amazed at the color! Can't wait to use this in a LO... You really can't go wrong with Stickles they are so awesome, gives just that oh so needed pop of color and Bling!

  • WOW what a pop of color (24 November 2009)

    I was not so sure I'd like this but boy oh boy this is really nice! I just used this the other day and was amazed! Stock up Stickles ROCK!

  • Nice (24 November 2009)

    Ok I'm not crazy about the distress stickles as much as the Stickles... But I'm thinking I just haven't really had a LO to really get the full benifit. But my DD boy she went to town and used half the bottle!

  • This is so pretty!!! (24 November 2009)

    Ok Stickles are a must have! The Purple is really nice and I really like this and the Lavender they complement each other very well. I have a DD who loves Purple so this is perfect for her LO's!
    Pick up every Color Stickles you won't be sorry!

  • MY FAV (24 November 2009)

    OMG I can not be without this color I actually just placed an order today for 4 bottles! I will not be with out this one along with a few other Stickles... take a chance I did and boy am I happy I took that chance.

  • Eucalyptus Love (24 November 2009)

    Ok Stickles are a must have! This Eucalyptus is so pretty it sparkles and gives your page that pretty bling your looking for.
    is a Must!!! Pick up 1 in every color you won't be sorry!

  • Aqua Love (24 November 2009)

    Ok Stickles are a must have! This Aqua is a Must!!! Pick up 1 in every color you won't be sorry!

  • Love this Black Diamond! (24 November 2009)

    Stickles are a must have! This Black is a Must!!! Stock up because you will use them...