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Heidi Swapp - MINC Collection - Toner Stamping Kit
Heidi Swapp - MINC Collection - Toner Stamping Kit

Heidi Swapp - MINC Collection - Toner Stamping Kit

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Expected February 2020
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Are you ready for magic to happen? Then you need to get your hands on the Heidi Swapp Toner Stamping Kit for the Minc! This amazing little starter kit allows you to use your favorite stamps, foil, and the Minc (all sold separately) to get fabulous foiled designs on all your projects!  Full Description & Details
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Description & Details

Please note: Once you pour the specialty Minc toner ink into the stamp pad, it will only last for approximately 2-3 hours and about 125 stamp impressions. 

If you're a fan of foil, and your Minc is a must-have in your creative process, then you're going to flip for the new Minc Toner Ink Stamping Kit! This amazing little bundle of products is designed so that you can use your favorite stamps and specialized Heidi Swapp Toner Ink for getting fabulous foiled designs on all your projects!


  • 1 dropper bottle of toner ink that contains 2 fluid oz of ink
  • 1 measuring cup
  • 1 stamp pad holder
  • 2 refill stamp pads

For quite a while, Minc enthusiasts have been positively dreaming of a specialty ink for the Minc - and those dreams have finally come true! You will love the endless possibilities when you combine the magic of stamps with fancy foils and the hot Minc tool!

How to Use the Minc Toner Ink:

  • Your Minc (sold separately) should be at its hottest setting of 5.
  • Choose paper that is very smooth with tight fibers.
  • Insert a new refill stamp pad into the stamp pad holder.
  • Using the included measuring cup, pour 15ml of toner ink into the stamp pad. Allow to sit for 15-30 minutes before you start stamping so that the toner ink becomes slightly sticky.
  • If you're using a stamp for the first time, stamp it into the ink and then onto a scratch piece of paper 2-3 times so that the stamp becomes slightly tacky for your project.
  • When your stamp is ready, tap it into the ink lightly to transfer the toner ink, then press down firmly onto your project. The Ink should sit on the surface and not soak or absorb into the paper. Make sure you ink up your stamp for each impression on your project.
  • The stamped images must be completely dry before you send them through the Minc. You can use a heat tool to dry the images quicker or just let them sit.
  • Place your project in a transfer sheet with your foil (both sold separately) placed over the stamped image, shiny side up. Place into the Minc and the rollers will pull it through.
  • Lift the transfer sheet to reveal the beautifully foiled image!

Important reminders:

  • Once you pour the toner ink into the stamp pad, it can be used for approximately 2-3 hours or 125 stamp impressions (whichever comes first). Keeping the saturated ink pad in the case can extend the life of the toner ink up to 12 hours based on climate conditions.
  • When you're finished stamping, the saturated ink pad will need to be disposed of - replace it with a new, clean refill for next time! Need refills? Find them here fast!
  • Use the Minc Stamp Cleaner (sold separately) to clean your stamps.

We can't wait to see the designs, sentiments, images, and more that you stamp and foil! 

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