Clipboard Frame

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Article Courtesy by Andrea Steed


I think it makes perfect sense to surround myself with crafty things and artsy inspiration in my craft room.  So when I decided it was finally time for me to try out cutting vinyl with my Silhouette, I knew just the project I wanted to create.  With just a plastic clipboard, my Silhouette, some brown vinyl and patterned paper, I made a "Create Something Special" clipboard frame for my office wall.

I chose to use a green plastic clipboard to make it a super-simple project, but a wooden clipboard would work too, and then you could even paint or alter it with Mod Podge and patterned paper.

Design your text art phrase in the Silhouette Studio software and choose the cutting settings for vinyl.  I decided that I wanted to also use Silhouette transfer paper to put the delicate text onto the clipboard straight, so it was important to align the quote in the software exactly as I wanted it to lay out on the clipboard.

Load the vinyl roll into your Silhouette and cut the design.

Peel away the excess vinyl, leaving only the text for your design. 

Using a flat-edged plastic blade, press the transfer paper to the vinyl design, transferring it to the transfer paper. 

Align the design on the clipboard where you want it placed, and use the plastic blade to rub and transfer it to the clipboard. 

Using Mod Podge, add a punched heart to the design to complete the look.

I used a simple thumbtack to hang the clipboard right next to my desk.

This little frame is a great place for me to display and change out my favorite photo of the moment, a drawing or sketch of a layout I want to create or even a magazine photo that might inspire my next project. 


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