Hot Die Cutting Trends You Have To Try

You have the die cutting machine. You have the dies. You have some stunning paper that speaks to you and you're ready to get crafting!

But wait. The age old issue resurfaces in all of its predictable fury: What do I make? 

It's a sticky situation to find yourself in when the inspirational juices are surging, but the idea department is suddenly at a stand still - and we've all been there. Here at Scrapbook.com, we are obsessed with die cutting and are always looking for fun ways to use our die cut machines that keep us excited, always learning, and continuing to create beautiful, meaningful, handmade self-expression. What's better than that

Below, to continue to encourage and keep those inspirational moments flowing, we've compiled 20 hot die cutting trends that we love and know that fellow die cutters will love too! 

1. Die Cutting Vellum

Vellum CardA fun way to immediately add depth to your cards and layouts is to add vellum. There are so many options when it comes to the uses of this multi-functional, transparent paper, and one way is die cutting it! We found this innovative and absolutely adorable card in our gallery, where we are constantly inspired by all of you! This card, by Kristina Craftypaws, shows us how to use vellum for die cutting. She even thought of the perfect name for it: "For the Love of Dogs and Bubble Tea." We're so excited to get into the crafting space and start seeing what all can be done with the wonderful world of vellum.

2. Die Cut Window Card

Window Card

Creating layers is so much fun, and while vellum gives us a hazy overview of what's underneath, a die cut window gives us more information in smaller amounts! It's so much fun to be able to peek into your card without even opening it, or to see little tidbits of a photo without unveiling the whole image. It's as exciting as unwrapping a present. 

Now, grant you, Window Cards look a little intimidating from the outside, but are pretty simple- they're just a total cut out of the shape, with a die-cut shape on top, so you can peer in. For layouts, try adding fun dies over your photos, watercolors, or whatever you fancy as your background. We snatched this card up from our gallery. It was posted by Aly Dosdall who used We R Memory Keepers supplies. Colorful, bright, and with surprising layers and delicious pops of metallics, this girl is on fire! 

Outside of our Scrapbook.com gallery, Aly Dosdall keeps a trendy, up-to-date personal blog where she posts projects, inspiration, tutorials, and more. Don't forget to follow her on Scrapbook.com, as well as her personal blog to get a smorgasbord of ideas!

3. Lace Dies

Lacy Die Cut CardIt's hard to go wrong with a traditional aesthetic, and the lace trend doesn't disappoint. If you want to get the effect of lace or doilies on your crafting projects, but not the weight, the expense, and the particular adhesive challenges that fabric with paper presents, die cutting lace might be the perfect solution. Scrapbook.com offers many different ornate dies to choose from so you can continuously produce gorgeous, complex cuts with a quick turn of the lever. This card, made by gallery member SheilaMarie, is exemplary when it comes to using elaborate, fancy, lace dies.

4. Spinner Cards

Spinner CardWe're into spin- spinner cards that is! The possibilities are endless with spinner cards. They add such a fun, quirky element that is surprisingly easy to create. Use your favorite die, any shape (the example used circles), and add some string, then wind them up and watch them spin! We love this fairy spinner card that we found in our gallery, made by Sivg76. She used Doodlebug Design papers, Lawn Fawn stamps and dies, and Sizzix dies together to make this cute polka dot card. If you are looking for a just because card, try a pretty spinner card to brighten someone's day.  

Bonus! If you want to learn how to make a spinner card, we gave a tutorial in one of our Facebook Live videos. You can see that video here

5. Dies with Matching Stamp Sets

Dies with StampsIf you're anything like me, you love stickers and ephemera. And you can't get enough. Dies and stamps that go together are essentially your ticket to a never ending supply of stickers. Seriously, how cool is that!? You can recreate the same images over and over again in different colors, papers, textures- you name it, just by purchasing stamps with coordinating dies. You will have the equivalent of endless stickers! We came across this hip masculine card in our gallery by Richard Garay, using Spellbinders supplies. The lumberjack face was created using a die that matches its stamp, then by being colored. A lot of people choose to use Copic Markers for projects like this. To get an idea of what Copic markers on your cards could look like, in a variety of hues, check out LDRS Creative's blog, where they post tons of inspiration daily, always using Copic Markers, stamps, and dies! Like what you see? We now carry LDRS in our store as well! 

As for the card above, we're loving the ideas it generates! Be it a masculine birthday card or just a card idea for guys, look to this thoughtful one for inspiration. 

6. Partial Die Cutting

Partial Die Cut CardWe love these sweet wedding cards created by May Flaum, using partial die cutting. Partial die cutting is when you cut a part of an image, say just one wing of a butterfly, or just the stem of a beautiful flower, then the rest of the image is still on the main piece of scrapbooking paper or cardstock. It's a fun technique that can add a little extra oomph to your cards and layouts. Partial die cutting can make your projects look more complex by creating shadows and the illusion of lots of layers, plus it's fun to hide little sentiments and surprises underneath the cut if you so choose! 

May Flaum has a great class that is currently available on our website. She shows how to make ten different cards for ten different holidays. It's really fun to watch; I learned a lot, and it was free! You can enroll in that class here and take it at your own pace, in your own time frame. 

Definitely check out May's wonderful blog, Craft with May, where she constantly posts tutorials, inspiration, and everything crafty your heart could want. 

7. Stand-Up Cards

Stand Up CardWhen I get a card from anybody, I always display it in my home for some time- and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that. Creating a stand-up card makes it super easy for the recipient to display it, plus how professional does that look!? Jan Hobbins created this thank you card using Sizzix dies and Carta Bella Paper. If you like this idea, but you're not a card maker per se, creating a small stand up art piece is totally an option too! It's so much fun to learn new techniques and to experiment with how you can use said techniques in all of your crafting projects. DIY Placeholders? A stand-up layout for your desk? There are so many fun ways to make a stand-up card functional for you. Plus, you have to love a card that gives itself a standing ovation! If you're looking for your next die cutting technique, try making a stand-up card. 

Sizzix has an addicting blog that's plumb full of ideas, techniques, suggestions, and a diverse selection of tutorials in the realm of die cutting- from DIY decor to jewelry making, party planning, and journaling... they have quick inspiration, as well as lengthier learnings. If you like die cutting and being up to date on trends and techniques, you'll want to bookmark their blog (and ours too)! 

8. Die Cutting Tassels and Fringe

Tassels and FringeYou may have seen tassels in a variety of collections currently. They're totally trendy and can be made with your die cut machine! Kimberly Crawford used My Favorite Things supplies to create this card and uploaded it to our gallery. The tassels add a unique touch to your cards (and layouts). One thing we love about tassels is the diversity of them- you can wear them, add them to cards, layouts, bookmarks, tags, DIY party decor- you name it! They're super cute and the perfect embellishment to give all of your projects an extra sparkle. Plus, since you're making them with your die cutting machine, they can be any color you want! That means endless tassels, fringe, and possibilities!

As you can see, Kimberly's Scrapbook.com gallery is overflowing with intoxicating ideas for your card making goals. You can see her personal blog for tutorials and to learn more about her and her work here. She even has a tutorial to show you how to make tassels

9. Shaker Cards

Shaker CardWe are wiggling in excitement over shaker cards! Nothing is more fun than receiving a card that is interactive- you shake it and a section containing confetti, sequins, seed beads, glitter, or sprinkles jiggles! Shaker cards can be made, easily, with your die cut machine, and you can fill it with anything you'd like. This card called "Rossi Belle" Shaker Card, was made by Robin Shakoor. She added a fun sentiment to the shaker portion of the card, then minty sequins in the pouch.

We have a fun shaker card technique video where Stephanie Barnard is in the studio with us and shows you how to make your very own shaker card. You can watch that video on our youtube channel if you want to know all the tips and tricks for a shaker card DIY. 

10. Gate Fold Cards and Journals

Gate fold CardA fun twist on a traditional card- creating a gate fold card. Most cards are opened by lifting up one side, but gate fold cards open like French doors- from the middle. There's something a little more enticing about opening a card from the center. It feels like you're about to learn a surprise or a story when you open a card like a book. This gorgeous example is a gate fold journal made by Datartar- and we're crazy for it. She used Docrafts, Kaisercraft, and Prima together in this artistic gate fold journal idea and knocked it out of the park. Consider creating a gate fold journal or card when you're looking to try different die cutting techniques! 

One fun die cutting blog that has a lot of card making tutorials, but also utilitarian projects, decor, party projects, fashion, and more, is a die cutting blog by Notey. If you enjoy die cutting in your craft projects, and would like to learn more ways to let die cut machines help you in your daily life, this is a blog you'll want to follow. You might be surprised at all of the ways you can alter glassware, clothing, and more! 

11. Ombre Effects

Ombre Effects CardWhen it comes to watercolor, hair, and fashion, it's clear to see that ombre is totally in. Why not let this trend roll over into die cutting? That's exactly what Christine Meyer from Paper House did. She made this pretty card by die cutting different hues of blue with different patterns, then putting them in order by value, darkest print to lightest. The fun thing about ombre is that it can be used for any theme, any season. Want to make a unique birthday card? Use the special recipient's favorite color. How about a fashionable Christmas card? Reds or greens will do. Don't forget a Valentine's day card that's au courant in purples or pinks...  even grey scale is sure to stun. The possibilities are as vast as the color spectrum! 

12. DIY Home Decor with Die Cutting

Die Cut Home DecorDie cutting for cards and layouts is a no-brainer and so much fun to do, but we're starting to see more and more home decor items made using die cutting techniques. This bulletin board has die cut butterflies, flowers, frames, and tags. It was made by Antenucci and posted to our gallery. We love the idea of taking our crafting materials and decorating our homes with them. Antenucci has a personal blog called "On the Road to Destiny," where she posts projects, tutorials (including how to make this inspirational bulletin board for your own home or office space) and more! Check it out to get lots of ideas for crafting, as well as some home decor. 

If you're looking to really delve into handmade home decor, or are already a self-proclaimed DIYer in the home front and are looking for more ways to make the most of your space and explore the frontier, The Homes I Have Made is a helpful blog that you can really get lost in. Megan is all about making her home livable, cozy, and budget-friendly by taking advantage of innovative DIY ideas. She shares her experiences and tips with her readers and some of the projects she posts involve using a die cutting machine for home decor. 

13. Die Cutting Foil

Die Cutting FoilThe first trend we mentioned was die cutting vellum, but another exciting option is die cutting foiled cardstock or cardstock with metallic accents. Metallic accents are super hot in the crafting world right now and that's reflected in the gallery projects we've been seeing, as well as the celebrity blog posts. Here is an example of a card using die cut gold foil using Scrapbook.com Exclusive Dies that looks totally luxurious. We love that foil automatically takes a card from everyday to perfectly posh. Whether you want to make classy thank you cards for those post-wedding send outs, or a fancy card for all occasions, adding a pop of tinny metallic will be well-received. 

14. Jar Fold-a-Long Cards

Jar Fold Card


Like the gate fold card, a Jar Fold-a-Long card folds (and displays) in a distinctive, yet unexpected way. Look at how this card stands on its own. It's easy to display and it can be decorated to be the perfect card for any occasion. You could even make a standing layout, a small art piece, or a personal mood board. This card is your canvas. Mieko created this fold-a-long and uploaded it to our gallery and we are loving everything about it. From its candy-sweet color theme to its precious embellishments, this jar fold-a-long is everything our hearts could desire. But how do you actually make a jar fold-a-long? Sizzix offers a variety of dies for different kinds of cards (gate folds, jar fold-a-longs, stand-ups, and more), and Mieko used one of them here. You can check out all of Sizzix' ingenious offerings in our superstore so you can jump on the unexpected folding card trend. 

15. Flip-It Cards

Flip It CardFlip-it cards are another unanticipated folding style that your card recipient will adore. They are so much fun to open and close, and look super complicated, even though they aren't difficult to make! This particular flip-it was found in our gallery and posted by card making maven Stephanie Barnard using Sizzix flip it card dies. She teaches an amazing class where she demonstrates how to make flip-it cards. Her directions are easy to understand- anyone can follow along and start making his/her very own flip-its (there are a few items you'll need, like a die cutting machine, but Stephanie explains that in the lesson). You can take that incredible online class here, at your own speed, in your own time frame, and for free! This class has other tips and techniques that are perfect for beginners or guru card makers. 

16. Die Cut Gift Boxes

Die Cut Gift Box
Why not extend die cutting into gift giving? This gift box was found in Spellbinders' gallery. Spellbinders, as well as Sizzix and other popular die-cutting brands, offers a variety of dies to help you create your very own gift bags, goodie bags, and boxes for all of your gift-giving needs. Though gift box punch boards are so handy and we love them, it's totally possible to create unique, personalized gift packaging by utilizing special dies and your die cut machine instead. From match boxes and pillow boxes, to fun shapes like triangles and diamonds, traditional boxes and boxes with lids, making your own gift boxes can be easy and fun with dies. Never purchase gift boxes again- make them! Peruse the die-cutting section of our store now and get ready to make each gift extra special, from here on out. 

If you like the idea of expanding your paper crafting into making handy, functional items with artistic flare, you might enjoy the blog How About Orange. Jessica has a lot of tutorials on how to make paper crafts that serve utilitarian purposes! 

17. Die Cut Leaves

Die Cut Leaves LayoutJust like we're seeing ombre everywhere, we're seeing die cut leaves and we've fallen for the botanical aesthetic! Leaf dies are sprouting up in a variety of collections and we're not just seeing them on autumnal projects nowadays; they're being employed year-round. Leaves are a successful accent to any project you're creating and the options for styles are as diverse as leaves themselves. Pascale B. posted this charming layout on our site, filled with organic, earthy tones and foliage that makes us want to spend a day on the farm, the leaf-trend is on point. Make die cut leaves work for any season by changing up the color palette- fresh greens for spring and beautiful cool blues for winter for a frosty effect. 

18. Die Cutting and Watercolor

Die Cut and Watercolor CardThe watercolor trend is ever-evident in collections like Color Reveal by Crate Paper and Shanna's Favorite Watercolors by Illustrated Faith. Adding watercolor to any project can immediately freshen it up and make you see it's a project from here and now! We love the idea of splashing paint onto a project, like this example above- a super sweet Pineapple card made by Juliewright1. She used ink to get a watercolor effect and triumphed! A card like this is a great reminder that it's totally ok (and boosts creativity) to work with what we have. Like the watercolor trend and want to try it now? Try watercolor paper and inks like Julie did! You might be surprised with your ability to think outside the box when you have a clear goal in mind. 

19. Die Cut Tags

Die Cut TagsJust like the gift box trend, creating your own gift tags is super stylish. It's so much fun to personalize gifts with a little handmade tag. Creating something artistic, like a tag, gives you the opportunity to let your inner-artist out. You can feel free to embellish to your heart's content, as the tag only needs room for the recipient's name and an optional sentiment. This delightful handmade tag was posted in our gallery by its maker, Bonprof. She used Sizzix dies and Tim Holtz' Ranger Inks to get this retro-chic look. 

Creating your own tags with your die cut machine will be good for your pocketbook, in the long run, if you are a natural-born gift giver. Never buy tags again when you can make them with a quick turn of the lever in any style you want! Love it. If you're wondering how to make die cut tags, simply buy tag dies and run them through your die cut machine with your favorite heavy card stock or chipboard! Then, decorate as you wish. 

20. Die Cut Bows

Die Cut Bows LayoutThis layout by Sassiescrapper is positively lovely with its decorative border, bright colors, and... bows! The bow trend is real and we're feeling it in the die cutting world. Die cutting bows is easier than ever with all of the amazing dies on the market today. Bows are a surprising element to add to cards, layouts, tags, and more that add fun shadowing and the look of lots of layers. Plus, how cute are bows on a baby layout? She used Amy Tangerine papers and a variety of bow dies by Crate Paper, We R Memory Keepers, and Sizzix for this layout. Create an endless supply of bows in every color you could ever want, in a variety of sizes. This is one of the joys of die cutting- easy customization.

Which die cutting trend is your favorite? Which ones have you tried? Also, do you have a go-to die cutting blog that you frequent? Do you have a crafting blog that you just can't get enough of? We'd love to start a dialogue. 

Also: we are DIE-ing to see all of your creations in our gallery. Your projects inspire us so much so continue posting the creativity! If you liked this article, check out our article about the most meaningful craft projects people have made. 

In the market for a new die cut machine? Perhaps your first? Check out our article where we talk about two top-selling die cut machines and break them down so you can find one perfect for you. Another place to look for comparisons between machines, as well as other helpful tips, is PersonalDieCutting.com's blog, where they discuss the best machines for vellum, fabric, and more. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and happy die-cutting!

Make sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Die Cutting to learn all about die cutting, to compare machines, read reviews and more.

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