How to Organize Paint, Glitter, and Stickles

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Materials Needed for Organizing Paint, Glitter, and Stickles

The Challenge of Organizing Paint, Glitter, and Stickles

Finding and harnessing every tube, bottle, tub, and jar of paint, glitter, and Stickles you own and getting them into containers in a usable and maintainable system may prove challenging. No worries! Let's tackle your cupboards full of paint and other fun media hiding in little bottles and jars.

"The easiest way to sort and organize is by color; set them up in rainbow order and they’ll be easy to find."

Paint, glitter, and Stickles are the kinds of items that, if you have just a few, you can toss into a pretty bin and say you’re done. It’s not hard to sort through 5-10 Stickles and paint bottles to find what you need. If you want to arrange them in neat rows, go ahead. If you aren't able to put them back neatly every time they're used, don't worry; that doesn't always happen. When you get bit by the cleaning bug, you can put them back in their proper places. However, if you have many bottles, you really need them organized in a way that enables you to find the color you need quickly. The easiest way to sort and organize is by color; set them up in rainbow order and they’ll be easy to find.

Joanie Springer of Emptyeasel.com also recommends organizing your paint by color, and daubing the tops so you don't have to dig for the right color. She explains this in her article called Color code Your Paint Tubes - Save Time and Frustration!

We’ll focus mainly on paints and Stickles in this article. Depending on the shape of your containers, you can store your glitter like your embossing supplies (if you're storing in a shallow canister) or like your paints and Stickles (if it’s in an upright container).

Here’s a list of organizational options for how to store them. As you make your decisions, keep in mind your storage space (wall-mounted, counter top, drawers, etc.) and immediately knock any option off your list that won’t work in your space, no matter how pretty it is...even if it’s on sale.

Inventory Solution

Some scrappers like to make an at-a-glance chart that shows them what they have. If you want to have an inventory sheet be a part of your system, you might find inspiration online for how to create your own inventory system. On some sites, you can print a free chart, add the name of the paint, glitter or Stickles, and then place a daub of the media next to that information.

Further Insight on Paint, Glitter, and Stickles Organization

I use paint, Stickles, and glitter only on occasion. Therefore, they are stored in secondary locations in my studio. I chose storage containers for them a long time ago, and all have been discontinued, which isn’t going to help you. This is a good example of how the right solutions and containers in your space can last a very long time.

My bottles and tubes of paint are in paint storage racks or clear storage boxes kept on narrow shelves in my island. They’re under the countertop overhang where there the light reaching them is low. To help remedy this problem, I mounted battery-operated LED lights onto the underside of the overhang and over the paints. Paint tubes and bottles are stored in ROY G. BIV order most of the time. I have to take a few minutes once-in-a-while to straighten them. Tubes of acrylic paint, crackle paint, and glazes are in clear storage boxes on the shelves under the counter top. Large paint brushes and palettes are in a clear storage box, and smaller paint brushes are in the center section of one of my tool carousels in a vintage flour sifter.

Markers and Paint Pens

Detail PaintStickles, glitter, and glitter paint are organized and stored in Tim Holtz metal storage cases that I keep in a bottom cupboard in my island. I removed the metal divider inserts that came with the cases. They are what separate the inks in my island drawer.


Tip: Store paint, glitter, and Stickles in containers upside down so you can see the colors easily. Or, if you want to store them upright, add a daub of color from the bottle contents to the cap.

Wrapping Things Up

Chaos can be reigned in when little jars, bottles, and tubes are organized in a space that is used wisely, and efficiently. Get your paintglitter, and Stickles under control and feel the difference it will make in your studio and life.

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