Acrylic Painting Ideas with Vicki Boutin

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Acrylic paints + paper = the papercrafting brilliance your projects have been missing! Join dazzling designer, crafter, and blogger Vicki Boutin in this enlightening introduction to acrylic paints in papercrafting! Full Description.
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Lesson 1: Welcome to the World of Acrylic Paints

Let Vicki Boutin for American Crafts introduce you to the amazingly versatile world of Acrylic paints in papercrafting! This lesson provides Vicki's basic "bite-size pieces" of information to get you started on your adventure in painting. Learn about all the projects you never thought you could add acrylic paint to, like bullet journals and traveler's notebooks, Bible journals, and homemade cards. Then try to contain your excitement over Vicki's soda bottle-shaped Acrylic Color Pop Paints that fit in the 1oz ColorCase! With colors like Saltwater Taffy blue, Juicy Pear green, and Sugared Strawberry red, you won't be able to resist them!

Duration: 02:31

Lesson 2: Beautiful Beginnings: Dry Brush and Color Wash Techniques

Get things started with Vicki's most basic utilization of acrylic paint in a dry application to get you comfortable with how the medium moves, flows, and dries on paper. Learn about the important differences between watercolor paper, mixed media paper, and Vicki's own Foundations Media Paper to ensure you choose the right one for your project every time. Also, get an up-close look at dry brush techniques and color wash techniques with water to explore the possibilities of your paints!

Duration: 07:57

Lesson 3: Just Add Water: Faux Watercolor Artwork

Vicki shows you how to maximize your materials when a little paint truly goes a long way, especially when creating faux watercolor effects with acrylic paints. Learn about the best type of paintbrush to use for cool and creative watercolor strokes, swirls, and spots, and see Vicki's "kissing technique" take shape with ease. Also, get the inside scoop on a cool trick for creating your own DIY patterned paper or background in 3 easy steps!

Duration: 04:52

Lesson 4: Quick and Easy Color with Drips and Drops

Get inspired by one of Vicki's favorite quick and easy color applications that doesn't require a ton of skill or familiarity with a paint brush. Create some whimsical and opaque paint splatters that retain a deeply-pigmented matte finish with just a few simple flicks of your wrist! Also, learn about the magic hidden inside Vicki's "Junque Journal" and why creating one of your own filled with technique recipes and reference cards will bring out wonderful inspiration for future projects! Have some kid-like fun and splash around - you'll thank us later!

Duration: 05:20

Lesson 5: The Fail-Proof Paint Dragging Technique

Practice and play right alongside Vicki in this lesson about the importance of tools in manipulating your acrylic paints into magnificent streaks of radiant artwork! Use a palette knife or even just a ruler in this technique that will produce unique results each and every time you do it without failure. Time is your friend with this fun style, as Vicki shows you that it takes mere seconds to create a multicolored, quick-drying background ready for stamps, stencils, embellishments, or whatever else your imagination comes up with - the endless possibilities will amaze you!

Duration: 05:26

Lesson 6: Building a Background with a Brayer

Roll right along with Vicki in this super simple paint application involving a brayer. Get easy, fluid strokes or varied tapped splotches of color with an impressive little rolling tool. It's an awesome and helpful alternative to a standard paintbrush that results in amazing texture for such a simple technique. She also walks you through creating a focal point on a patterned paper to build layers for a unique scrapbook layout or album background.

Duration: 03:35

Lesson 7: Amazing Stencil Techniques for Acrylic Paints

Watch as Vicki utilizes intricate stencils to create a vibrant aesthetic so mesmerizing, she herself is at a literal loss for words. Learn about the best techniques for applying the stenciled paint, and also about some mixed media mediums that can be used to layer and accent your acrylic paint masterpieces. Vicki also shares some helpful tips and reminders for cleaning your stencils and stencil brushes to ensure they are always pristine and ready for your next creation!

Duration: 05:54

Lesson 8: Creating Unbelievable Texture & Tone with Glazes

Join Vicki as she makes magic (and sometimes a mess!) with mixed media and teaches you about the importance of getting your hands dirty and trying new things! Get into the tricky balancing act of mixing and blending Vicki's Color Pop Acrylic Paints with her line of Glazes. Add touches of gold, silver, rose gold (love!), and iridescence into the vibrant paint colors for an astonishing finished product you simply won't believe. Consider all the possibilities of adding watercolor "kisses", Distress Inks, or other fun layers for wonderful texture, tone, and layers!

Duration: 11:53

Lesson 9: Combining Techniques into Color Pop Paint Magic

In this lesson, join a super excited Vicki in creating a full background with various techniques and her acrylic paints as a jumping off point. Watch as she demonstrates the important “less is more” principle for conserving materials and creating wonderful, textured strokes. Also, Vicki gives some great advice on what to do when your layout isn’t quite what you had hoped for. It’s a Vicki Boutin “golden nugget” you won’t want to miss!

Duration: 06:37

Class Details

Acrylic paints + paper = the papercrafting brilliance your projects have been missing! Join dazzling designer, crafter, and blogger Vicki Boutin in this enlightening introduction to acrylic paints in papercrafting! Take a tour through the beginner basics of applying Vicki's radiant Acrylic Color Pop Paint with a dry brush and create a scrapbook layout that really pops. Then, be amazed as Vicki shows you how to make acrylic paints double as sensational, swirling watercolors. Explore the world of acrylic paint in various applications and techniques for bright scrapbook layouts, amazing layered effects, stenciled beauty and so much more! It's time to make some magic by practicing and playing in another crafting adventure. Let's get painting!  

Duration: 54:05

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Hailing from Southern Ontario, Canada, Vicki Boutin started scrapbooking when her now-teenage son was a baby and has been actively involved in the industry for almost seventeen years. Vicki has been in industry magazines and books (including one that she authored - Creative Foundations), makes television appearances and travels the world teaching her craft. Vicki equally loves scrapbooking, Junque Journaling, canvas art, card making, all paper crafting, and mixed media art. Scrapbook pages with a touch of mixed media artistry in bright, vibrant colors dominate her day-to-day creations, and she enjoys supplementing with mini books, practicing techniques in her Junque Journal and creating cards. Vicki's passion for scrapbooking lies in the relationships she develops, and finding a common connection with other crafters who share this passion for paper crafting. The process of creating truly brings her joy!