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Step-By-Step Cardmaking Techniques with Simon Hurley

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Fourteen-year-old cardmaking phenom Simon Hurley makes his debut with Scrapbook.com as he demonstrates clever and creative ways to create detailed cards that look like works of art. Learn new ways to incorporate common techniques into your cardmaking repertoire and add more artistic flair to your cards. Full Description.
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Lesson 1 - Ideas and Tips for Interactive Cards Using Action Wobblers

Join Simon as he introduces you to the creative world of action wobblers! You'll instantly be hooked on this fun way to add an interactive flair to your cards. You will learn how to add watercolor to your stamped images, and Simon shares his tips and tricks for getting the best result each and every time. This lesson is full of playful whimsy, and you'll love this new tool in your cardmaking aresenal.

Lesson 2 - How to Add Texture to Your Cards Using Glossy Accents

Allow Simon to nurture your unique creativity by showing you the beauty of Copics-and as he lets you in on a little secret about his own experience with these markers. You will see how to use stamp positioners with your favorite stamps to achieve the cleanest look possible, and Simon gives tips as to how he adds finishing touches to his cards using Glossy Accents. You'll love how simple these techniques are-yet they retain that WOW factor that will make your recipient oh-so-happy!

Lesson 3 - How to Create Colorful Backgrounds with Texture

Immerse yourself in a floral and color-filled creative garden of embossing, blending, die cutting and stamping. Simon demonstrates how you can easily combine several techniques - and many complimentary colors - to create a single card that more resembles a piece of art. This lesson is a celebration of spring, full of inspiration and a unique approach to using texture on a background.

Lesson 4 - How to Create Multicolored Stamped Images

Simon demonstrates the art of scene-building with stamp sets as he uses an ombre technique to give a modern and colorful effect to his cards. You will learn how Simon selects the stamps he will use from a set, ways to position your stamps, how to choose inks that are complimentary and that will best work for an ombre effect, and the most efficient way to create cards using this method. Be a part of the ombre trend as Simon leads the way!

Lesson 5 - Tips and Techniques for Creating an Easy Watercolor Background

Go Crazy with Simon as he uses the Tim Holtz Crazy stamp line to design colorful cards full of whimsy and fun. You will see how Simon uses watercolors to create a stunning yet simple watercolor background for your stamped images. Learn how to give your card the final touch using a die cut sentiment. These cards, using watercolor paper, are so fun to create and will be a joy for anyone to receive!

Lesson 6 - How to Create Emboss Resist Watercolor Smooshing with Distress Inks

This lesson is wild! Festive rubber sloth stamps, the rich and complementary colors of distress ink, and purposeful smooshing-you are sure to want an invitation to THIS card making party! Come along with Simon as he shows you how he Copic-colors these cute critters in his own creative way! Simon breaks each part down for you into manageable steps so that you easily and happily make your way through the creation of your own sloth-filled goodness! You'll be saying "Hey girl, eat cake today!" before you know it!

Lesson 7 - How to Get Big Results from Small Stamps

Do you find that a large part of your stamps go unused? That you are excited to purchase a set for those large stamps that make a statement-but that you leave the little guys behind? Simon shows you some easy tricks that will instantly inspire you to use every stamp in your stash. Small stamps can create great works of art, and in this lesson, you'll see just how. Give your stamp sets new life and watch as Simon shows you how to create a juicy and fresh card that is perfect for any occasion. Learn how to use a small stamp as your focal point, to ink blend a background and to use your stamps to create a beautiful geometric design. The possibilities are endless, and this lesson will cause you to look at your stamps in a whole new light.

Lesson 8 - Easy Tools and Techniques for Mass Producing Cards

Learn time-saving techniques and easy tips and tricks for creating multiple copies of the same card design. This method that Simon shares is perfect for retaining that handmade touch to your parties and special occasions while not investing a lot of time. You'll discover how each identically-stamped card can still be unique through careful shading and color combinations. Choose your sentiment, add some sparkle, an embellishment and you'll have cards for days!

Lesson 9 - Money Saving Tricks to Create Cards You Love

Simon believes that when you purchase a stamp set, you want to think of how much use you will get from it and how many creative ways you can use the stamp with cards. He expertly illustrates this during this must-watch lesson. You will uncover how you can be frugal yet still create designs and cards that you are proud of. Watch as Simon demonstrates how to use the supplies you have on hand to not only create a scene of images, but to intricately color them in as well. You will be amazed as you learn how to design three different cards using one single stamp set and minimal supplies, and you will instantly look at your old stamps in a whole new way!

Lesson 10 - Creative Ways to Use Stamp Layering to Add Dimension to Cards

Travel to the tropics and learn to layer by using colorful ink and a fun pineapple die and stamp set! Simon shares tips for choosing coordinating colors that will best work with blending, and show you which tools work best for this style. Watch as Simon uses embossing ink and powder to add that something extra to his card sentiment, and enjoy the reaction you are sure to get when you give your card to your special someone!

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Fourteen-year-old cardmaking phenom Simon Hurley makes his debut with Scrapbook.com as he demonstrates fun and interesting ways to create detailed cards that look like works of art. Learn new ways to incorporate common techniques into your cardmaking repertoire and add more artistic flair to your cards. Simon's easy to follow steps will demonstrate that professional-looking cards don't have to be hard! You will be mesmerized as Simon infuses his signature color, whimsy and humor into each lesson - and he will show you how to do these things, too! This might be the first you have seen Simon work his magic, but after you take this class, you will know why it is just the beginning for this crafting sensation. Come along and marvel at the talent and resourcefulness that Simon possesses, and prepare to be delighted at the inspiration derived from this inventive class.

Following your fun in this class, be sure to head over to Simon's second class for Scrapbook.com, How to Begin Cardmaking Like a Boss with Simon Hurley!

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Simon Hurley

Simon Hurley is a sixteen-year-old blogger, designer, YouTuber, and cardmaker. Simon also was recently announced as Ranger Ink's newest Signature Designer, and Simon's line of products, Simon Hurley create., are currently available at Scrapbook.com. Crafting since he was very young, Simon fell in love with card making six years ago at the age of ten. He is a huge believer in clean and simple cards--but isn't afraid to do what it takes to get that look, and always manages to get his fingers full of ink! Simon's goal is to inspire others with crafty projects and to teach new techniques while doing what he loves. You can see more of this rising star's inspirational videos and projects on his blog, Inklipse.com.