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I made the mini card using left over pieces from the Use Your Scraps Chaellenge. I am inordinately proud of this since I used some scraps to make the first card and then, the scraps of the scraps, to make the mini card…how is that for frugal?! Now if only i could stop buying new stuff till I use up all my scraps maybe I'd be getting somewhere. The mini card was simple and you can probably figure it out by looking. I cut the base out of a left over piece of the turquoise I used in the first card's weaving, but used the lighter shinier side out this time, used some left over strips and just glued them on the card front diagonally and trimmed the edges, stamped the small heart, heat embossed in bright yellow, hand cut it out and pop dotted it on the front.The one thing I did that you might not guess by looking is, I used an orange Copic to colour over the embossing on the outside of the heart, since I wanted something more orange in tone to mimic the paper that was a mix of yellow and orange.