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    Very nice (19 October 2011)

    I have already recommended this and other Cropper Hopper products. In fact I took photos of the insides and posted on FB. This item comes with three boxes of Cropper Hopper Photo/Negative Protectors, and what I would like to point out is that when removed from the boxes, the protectors that come with the case will almost fill it up. I think it will depend upon if you got double prints or how large the roll of film that you took. So you do not have to buy extras, although you may want to just to divide and organize further or consider if you were the gal who always got double prints.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice product (19 October 2011)

    I purchased six of these Cropper Hopper Photo/Negative Protectors. I understood that there were 4 to a box, what I did not understand is that each protector has some depth to it. I was purchasing the extras to go into the Cropper Hopper Photo Case for our family snapshots. Turns out that the three boxes of Cropper Hopper Photo Protectors once folder together correctly is enough to fill up the CH Photo Case. So I have extras. Not to worry though, i am going make copies of some of the snapshots for my boys and I will put them in the CH Protector and then into a decorative photo box for them.