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    If you have a Cricut you gotta have an X (27 August 2007)

    I resisted buying a sticker maker for the longest time. Then I got my Cricut die cutting machine. So I went out and bought the Xyron 500, which is great and can make 5" stickers, but I found that I wasn't really cutting large items with my Cricut. So I bought the Xyron 150. Boy what great tool. I can fit all my smaller die cuts in it and I don't waste alot of the adhesive. I cut a lot of letters for my titles and this X is great, even for the dots of an I! Its very easy to use and you don't have to plug it in. The only problem I've encountered is the excess adhesive that can be on the newly made stickers, but its not bad and the alternative of not using the X is a horror I don't want to contemplate!