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ScRaPbOoKlOvEr89's Reviews

  • Wonderful! (28 May 2009)

    This is a great bone folder. It makes very crisp folds on any type of paper and it perfect for cardmaking or scrapbooking. I have found that it also works well for rub ons.
    Another use for the bonefolder is to make scoring lines. If you need to make several scoring lines on a page, use your paper cutter to guide you. My paper cutter has a slit down the center of the changeable ruller. Run the bone folder down the slit in the ruller and it will make a perfect score line every time. You will never have to worry about not getting the perfect line again!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this ink! (28 May 2009)

    I love this ink pad. It leaves a perfect impression on almost any surface. Actually, I have yet to find a surface that it does not work on. I love the smell as it is almost like candy. It does dry fairly quickly on the surface that you are stamping on. The one tip that I have found with this ink pad is related to stamping on transparencies. When you use this ink, generously ink your stamp and make sure to press straight down onto the transparency. Do this with a medium amount of pressure, or the stamp will wiggle and ruin your image. Have fun working with this ink, I know I sure do.

  • Great stickers! (28 May 2009)

    These alphabet stickers are the perfect addition to any layout or card. They are in some traditional holiday colors which makes them perfect for any holiday themed page. I also found that I was able to use them on everyday themed layouts as well. They stick very well to your pages, so you don't have to worry about them falling off after they have been in the scrapbook for a while. One of my favorite parts about these stickers is the fact that they have a distressed look to them. I love anything distressed and I think they add a wonderful embellishment to your page!

  • Excellent Product!! (26 May 2009)

    Thicker's Chipboard shapes are a great value for a superb product. I love these shapes because they are so easy to attach and use in any layout or card. These shapes are very versatile and are able to be used for almost any theme or occasion. I love that these shapes are white because you can leave them just as they are and they will add the perfect embellishments. I also have to say that they take inks very well. Some chipboard does not absorb the colors very easily, but these hold the inks and keep the colors as they are supposed to show up. Overall, these are a great addition to any scrapper's collection.

  • Verified Buyer

    Well... (20 June 2008)

    This product is not as easy to use as you may think. It takes practice to get it to work well enough to use it on any projects. You must practice the speed and pressure you apply when you are using it. It does not always start to print where it indicates that it should and sometimes it does not print very evenly. I find that the ink cartridge on mine needs to be cleaned on nearly every use for it to print clearly. This product is a wonderful idea, but I think it could still use some improvements.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great product! (20 June 2008)

    This little tool allows you to customize the journaling or titles of your projects. This is a very simple product. You easily type in the word or words that you will like on your page and decide the size that you want them and then press save. You are able to change the fonts with special disks as well. This is a great product because it allows you to make your page very personal.

  • Perfect! (20 June 2008)

    I just used this felt ribbon for the first time last night and I must say that I love it. This ribbon will add an elegant touch to any layout or card that you use it on. It is self adhesive and is made from a wonderful quality of felt. My only tip for using this ribbon is to be careful when pulling off the adhesive backing because if you pull too quickly the ribbon can get stuck to itself. This product is a must have for any scrapper!

  • super! (20 June 2008)

    This name says it all. The colors of this wonderful and high quality ribbon are the perfect reminder of summer days. Whether you want to use this for a page featuring an ice cream treat or a page of friends enjoying a summer drink, this ribbon will add a special touch.

  • love it! (11 June 2008)

    I love this little distresser. Like all of heidi swapp products the quality is fantastic. The tool fits easily into your hand and runs along the edge of your page with little hassle. If you apply too much pressure, it will make like tears in your page, but I did this on purpose for a layout and it turned out wonderfully. This is a must have if you like to make cards. The distressed look will add dimension to any of your projects, and it's pink. How can you go wrong?

  • Pawfect! (07 June 2008)

    This punch is a wonderful addition to any animal lover's collection. When you scrap your animal pages, you will find endless ways to use this punch. The quality of the product is wonderful. This of course is expected of EK sucess products. Love this punch!

  • love flowers? (07 June 2008)

    This punch is a must have for anyone who loves flowers. And who doesn't love flowers? The easy to use punch will give you a quality punch out every time. No uneven edges are left with this punch. Now you can make your own flower accents for pages, and the punch can be used over and over.

  • so cute! (05 June 2008)

    I just got this little guy. At first, I wondered how much I would use it, but I have already used this stamp several times. It is such a cute addition to any lo or card. I find that people really react well when it used on cards because you can't help but smile when you look at it. The quality and ease of use is wonderful. This is really a must have for any clear stamp collection.

  • useful! (05 June 2008)

    These brads will be a favorite in your collection. They are so versatile, because they pretty much go with everything. The sqare shape is a nice change for your layouts or cards. The finish is perfect for modern pages, but as I said, they really add a pop and texture to any project.

  • Verified Buyer

    Must have! (30 May 2008)

    This stamp pad is really a must have for any stamper. The clear stamp pad will create wonderful images on its own, but with a little embossing powder, you have a fantastic result. I really recommend this ink pad because it is clear, and you are able to use any color embossing powder to creat your finished project. The quality of this ink pad is wonderful and you will find endless uses for it once you own it.

  • Great pens! (30 May 2008)

    These pens are some of my favorites. Begininers to advanced scrappers will be sure to find a use for these pens. My favorite part about them is the precisely fine tip. You are able to outline and trace even the smallest details. They are also great for doodling. A recommendation for these pens is to try to hold them upright, because I find if you slant them too much, they don't write as smoothly. Wonderful product that will always be in my stash!

  • Inking buddies! (18 May 2008)

    These are great. If you rubber stamping, or even working with inks you will find enless ways to used these little guys. They are wonderful for stencils, but I also found that they are great for distressing. You can vary the looks by adding or taking away pressure when you use them. An added bonus is super cute polka dot paper. Just press them straight down on the ink pads of your choice and dab on the paper and you will get perfect polka dots every time!

  • Super! (18 May 2008)

    I love this product. This embossing powder adheres wonderfully to any stamped image and it leaves the page or card with a lasting impression. This embossing powder has a dramatic black color which really pops from the page and is the perfect touch to any project!

  • love it! (18 May 2008)

    I love this product. I just purchased it because I tend to make a lot of thank you notes. I love the size of this stamp because it makes it so versaltile to use for many different cards! The quality and ease of use are also great. So far, I have had no trouble with it losing the stickiness on the back. I love this stamp and would recommend this to anyone who makes thank you notes because it really adds a nice touch.

  • Super! (13 May 2008)

    These brads are really wonderful. The color enables you to use them on any project. They are made of a quality material and the coating does not chip or scratch off like some other brads. They are very simple to use and I would highly recommend them. They are especially perfect if you know someone who is just starting out scrapbooking or card making!

  • Great! (13 May 2008)

    These brads are wonderful. They are really versatile. They can be used on endless amounts of cards and scrapbooking pages. The square shape is a nice change if you have only used round eyelets in the past. The color vairiety that comes in this package is really perfect for any project. I highly recommend these brads!

  • Verified Buyer

    So cute! (08 May 2008)

    I love these stickers! They have wonderful colors which will add a pop to any of your winter pages. The flocking is an added bonus as it provides the perfect texture to your layout. These would also be wonderful to use with cards for the winter. I love this product, and I think the adhesive on the back is very sticky. You will have no problem with them falling off your pages or cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Gold mine! (07 May 2008)

    This is such a wonderful product. It is one of my favorite embossing powders. The metallic gold adds the perfect glimmer to any layout or card. This product is simple to use and it provides a great look to your art. I would recommend this product to anyone who like to stamp and emboss!

  • life saver! (06 May 2008)

    This product is so great for all the little mistakes that can be made on a page. It simply erases the mistakes and leaves the paper clear and mark free. Some erasers ruin the paper, but this one is perfect for scrapbooking and card making!

  • so cute! (06 May 2008)

    These are wonderful. I used these in a card for a friend who was expecting a baby. They are so easy to use and add great texture and flare to the page or card. The colors on these embellishments are so easy to use with any of the baby specialty paper lines. I loved them so much I bought a second package so the mother to be could use them on her on scrapbook. I love this product!

  • Verified Buyer

    Wonderful! (03 May 2008)

    These stickers are a wonderful addition to your baby pages, but they can be used for various layouts. I used mine with a garden layout and they brought out the colors in the pictures wonderfully. They are great stickers. They are made from a quality thick material and they add a nice touch to any page. The adhesive really seems to stick so you don't have to worry about them falling off. Great product and I would recommend them to anyone!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great product (01 May 2008)

    Love this product. The simplicty of the stamps is wonderful. I find that they are able to be used on many different types of layout or cards as well as other products. These also look great after using some embossing powder, it really makes the wonderful designs stand out. Overall, I find that these are great stamps. They are easy and beautiful to use and easy to clean. Recommend these for anyone!

  • Wonderful! (19 April 2008)

    This product is so simple to use! You will find new ways to use it everytime you scrap. This product allows you to make a sticker out of die cuts or other punches. When you need a refill, it is so simple to replace.
    To make a sticker all you need to do is put it in the slot on the one side of the product and pull the strip until you see your sticker. At this point, just use the built in cutting system and rip it off. Rub along the edges of the sticker and pull the top sheet off, and you are ready to scrap or make beautiful cards. This is a great product and I can't imagine being without it!

  • great product! (18 April 2008)

    I love this rick rack. The bubblegum pink color is perfect for baby pages or childrens pictures as well as many other themes. The rick rack is a great touch to any page or card. Perfect little embellishment to add dimension and texture to your work. I highly recommend this product!

  • Great product! (18 April 2008)

    I love this template. It makes it so simple to cut the perfect circle everytime. The product is extremely easy to use and is even clear, which make perfect positioning simple. The blade glides easily along the template and there really is no room for error with this product. I highly recommend this as a must have, I have even bought is as a gift for some fellow scrappers.

  • Love this product! (16 April 2008)

    This template creates the perfect oval everytime. There is no way to go wrong with the couzzle system. The blade slides easily along the template and the oval is easily cut from the page. One of my favorite products and is highly recommended because of easy use and beautiful results!

  • works most of the time (16 April 2008)

    I think that this product is not my favorite punch. Most of the time, my corners turn out perfectly rounded. The trick to getting them to do this is by turning the punch upside down so you can see the corner you are cutting. Once in a while, I have trouble with the punch cutting into my paper too much and I have to hand-trim the mistake. Overall, I would look into another brand if I were to buy this product.

  • Love it (04 February 2008)

    Love this album, it has a great texture to the cover, because it is Bazzill and the ribbon is so cute. I love the colors in this album and it works for so many different themes. I also adore the little window in the front because it is any easy way to remember the photos that are inside. Absolutely love it and would recomment it to anyone.

  • "Love" this stamp! (02 February 2008)

    This is such a versatile stamp. I have used this in layouts and with cards. This stamp is so easy to use and store and I have not had problems with the stickiness wearing away. I love to use this stamp and layer it with others for a custom look.

  • Love it! (02 February 2008)

    I love this stamp it is so cute and easy to use. I love this for layouts, but I have used it more for cards. Try stamping the different flowers in different colors for a custom look. Love this product and it is such a great buy!

  • star brads (13 January 2008)

    These add a great touch to any page. You will find endless ways to use them throughout your scrapbook. These are great if you have any children because I find they are best on pages about kids, either sports or school pictures are wonderful ways to use these brads. Love this product!

  • snowflake brads (13 January 2008)

    Love this product!! These are a great touch to any winter themed page and they are so easy to use. If you want to change the product up a bit you can use an adhesive and glitter on some of the brads. Use both on the page for a bit of bling!

  • Mini heart brads (13 January 2008)

    These can be used on so many different pages with many different ages. They add a great look to any page and add the extra bit of cuteness that is sometimes needed for a finished look. I would recommend these for everyone, but especially those who have children. Those are the pages that I have used these the most on.

  • antique copper brads (13 January 2008)

    These are great to use on pages and add a vintage look. They also look great with pages where distressing is used. These are a must have if you have any vintage photos to scrap! This product is a great deal for the amount of money that is being spent! These brads can also be used with punches or flowers (use them as the centers of circle of flowers for a unique textured look).