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Megan - ForumTech's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this cutter! (05 July 2013)

    I'm a long time rotary cutter user. None of them have been "perfect".

    Not sure "perfect" exists, but this gives me the most time without an aching hand so far, when doing LOTS of cutting!

  • This thing WORKS! (11 November 2010)

    Yeah. Look at it. A 'lil grey sponge thing, right?

    I don't know HOW it works. But it works. I usually have as much distress ink on ME as on my project....and poof! It's gone!

  • Small, cute, and functional! (01 December 2009)

    It's little. It's cute. And it's NOT pink.

    Did I mention it's not pink? LOL!

    IMHO, this 'lil beauty is perfect for anyone with an electronic cutter, who wants to do dry embossing. I rarely use dies any longer, but hauling out the Big Shot is too much work to emboss sometimes...

    This machine has a small spot under my desk. It handles the Sizzix embossing folders, as well as Cuttlebug folders, with ease, and does an excellent embossing job. Then, it pops back in it's 'lil spot!

    It won't use the larger Sizzix Texturz plates, so keep this in mind.

    2 mops up! :)

  • These are fantastic!!! (02 July 2009)

    I loooooove these. They add a nice dimension, different from regular chalk. Depending on the look you want, they can also cover chipboard "solo".

    Just note. When they say CREAM, they mean it. Don't go smooshing the 'lil pompom into it, like you do with regular chalk. It will squish.

    Not that I did that, or anything...

  • FUN collection!!! (29 January 2009)

    The cool thing about black and white is that it goes with everything. Excellent paper, use the included bits for color, or add others to match your scheme!

  • Effective use of paper! (25 November 2008)

    Since the Slice is easy to position where you'd like it...this mat is a GREAT way to make sure you're getting the most cuts out of your paper. Take a bit to get a handle on how it cuts - some of the flourishes, etc. cut on the diagonal. Once you have that down, tho, this is the thing to have!

  • A gotta have tool! (25 November 2008)

    A spatula is a gotta-have, in my book. PERFECT for lifting shapes off the mat. And the 'lil point is excellent for positioning elements where you want them, as well.

  • Hello?!?! Flowers!!!! (25 November 2008)

    Cut and layer!!! Need I say more? Check those flower corners, too.

    Plus, I really love this font. And take the butterflies, add some stickles, and poof! Bling! :)

    5 mops up!

  • Verified Buyer

    A must have!!!! (13 November 2008)

    This is seriously my favorite Slice card so far. OK, so I don't have them all.

    Yet. LOL!

    But this is the best alphabet, for my uses. And I looooooooove all those 'lil flourishes! This is PERFECT to whip out with your portable 'lil Slice if you need a card or something.

    And shadows. PLAY with this, folks! Cut one at, say, 3 inches. And cut it again at 2.5 inches.

    Ink, then layer. The way the shapes keep their proportion as they're sized...there are some really cool effects to be had here!

    5 mops up! ;)

  • It slices, it dices... (13 November 2008)

    Now, how cool is this 'lil thing?'s not pink. Yes, that's a plus for me. LOL! Not all girls like pink.

    And it's cute!!! And cordless. Cordless is excellent. Portable, too, and no computer needed.

    Very little in the way of "disposable" supplies - the mat is glass, no replacement needed. Apply a bit of extra adhesive with a foam brush, you're ready to go again!

    A couple of janitorial tips. First, when they say to wait til the white adhesive turns clear before using the mat? They mean it. Wait. Or your paper will be REALLY stuck.

    Take out your scrap pile. Spend some time doing test cuts. You'll get a really good feel for what cuts well, and what doesn't. If you're having a tough time with something like the darker Bazzill colors - do NOT move the Slice after your cut. Simply press the start button again. It does a nice job of doing a clean second cut, if you need it for thicker materials.

    Add a couple of extra cards, that adorable bag, and you're set to go cropping!!!

    It cuts for quite awhile, too. So far, my 'record' is ~50 test cuts without plugging it in.

    You do need to rest a hand on it, as it's cutting. I haven't found that I need to "hold it down", really...just resting a hand firmly on it is enough.

    It's quieter than I expected, too. Especially with a glass mat. There's a bit of noise, but nothing extreme.

    Consider this one 5 mops UP!

  • Verified Buyer

    Excellent!!! (16 June 2008)

    I'll admit it. I got this for ONE reason - Texturz. That's it. All. Period.

    Now I'm kicking myself for NOT grabbing one sooner. Y'know those Original Sizzix dies? The ones that will do CHIPBOARD, if you press hard enough?

    Yeah. Roll. Smoosh. No effort. CUT!

    AND, then there's the Texturz...I love love love them. Nice BIG embossing area. Great, crisp impressions. My new favorite thing!

  • The best scissors EVER!!! (18 January 2008)

    No, seriously. THE best. Period. I love, love, love them.

    For the first time ever, the scissored challenged person than I am cut an oval by HAND without getting funny jagged bits.

    I think it's the large handles. They also do an excellent job getting into teeny places due to the pointed ends.

    My formerly favorite scissors have been relegated to the crochet bag, to snip yarn. I've threatened every member of my family with bodily harm if they remove these from my scrap desk, and have considered chaining them there.

    Yes, they're really that good!!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fabulous camera bag!!! (24 August 2007)

    So, I'm almost as bad with camera bags as cutters. Even tho you own one, or two, or more...there's always room for a great addition, right?

    This is an absolutely wonderful bag for a mid-size kit. On a recent weekend, I carried my camera, 4 additional lenses, battery, expodisc, etc....not only did it all fit, this bag is so comfortable that it didn't bother me a bit to have it on my shoulder all day.

    There are plenty of extra pockets for memory cards, your cell, etc. as well!

    I might just have to...get rid of another bag or two. :)

  • Verified Buyer

    My favorite trimmer! (11 July 2007)

    The under-rated find in the Tonic trimmer line. The guillotines are great....but this is light, portable, and does a great job.

    I've got (ahem) a LOT of trimmers, but this is the one that comes out for everyday use.