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MommaSaid's Reviews

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    LOVE, but I got a bum one. (04 June 2014)

    I really DO love these edges AND this particular shade of blue. It's very rich and stamps/edges beautifully. It would have been a 5 star item, but mine just fell apart on me. Truly, I was just edging the side of my paper with a light touch and the ink pad completely separated from the edger handle; no way to reattach the two without turning into a Smurf.

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    Flatter than I imagined, but that's good! (22 April 2014)

    These are about half the thickness of the bingo circles made by other companies. I've realized that this is actually great for me because it also means that my embellishments won't be too chunky. That means I can get even more layouts in an album.

    Also, they're just so cute!

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    Can't keep my son out of my stash! (21 April 2014)

    The foil paper is so beautiful and so full of possibility that my young son keeps trying to use MY stash for HIS projects. Obviously, I now try to stay ahead of demand and officially request that Fancy Pants continue making the foil paper in the entire rainbow of colors. I'm going to need it.

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    Not as pictured (30 August 2013)

    I will own that I imagined this set would be larger (length and width) than it is. However, due to the picture, I expected to also get the silhouette heads, not just the negative. I will use them, but I am disappointed.

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    I just wish... (11 August 2012)

    I've had a lot of fun working with the individual pieces. It's making the work of P365 more enjoyable for me. However, I had one tiny disappointment and a lesson learned.

    I chose to order the collection kit (as opposed to individual sheets), opperating under the wrong assumption that I'd also get the "basic" patterned paper that is just denim on one side. I LOVE that denim look and had planned to use one sheet for several small projects. Lesson learned; I'll focus next time on individual sheets in order to get what I want.

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    Soooooo many options! (23 July 2012)

    I love the options that are filling a page of ideas all on their own. The size is perfect. The strength of the cover is awesome -- and takes paint well. The depth will work for future (and future orders of more binders!) note-taking. Also, I LOVE that this company made sure the covers were wider than the page protectors inside.

    My only current "con" is that the dividers inside are on the flimsy side -- warping even with a paper cover. I guess I wanted something sturdy in all areas.

    Still, I'm plotting to order two more in the next several months. I need to have these on hand.

  • It's cute, but... (09 May 2012)

    I'll admit, I don't own this product.... yet. While it is on my wishlist, I'd like to leave a note to Prima Marketing that I'd buy it faster and use it like crazy IF they actually made an entire set of alphas; A to Z just like this... with extra vowels and the whole nine.

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    It will go wherever your imagination takes it! (14 February 2012)

    I absolutely LOVE this paper! Primarily (because I don't have access to an embossing machine), I use this to create embellishments on my pages, cards, tags, etc. It runs through the Cricut like a dream; creates great dimension on a project with all the layering. Of course, it takes paint and ink beautifully. I've followed floral tutorails, using this paper and LOVED the results.

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    Thinner than most DCWV stack paper (05 February 2012)

    It's stll a perfectly great paper -- and fun to use! It was a little surprise that it wasn't as thick as other papers the company has produced.

    Also, I'm not sure how it happened, but one of the sheets of paper (pale green with large flower in lower left) had a couple smears of glitter on it. This isn't glittery paper. It was like someone accidently squeezed Stickles on it. The sheet was still usable, but it's stuck in my brain as a teeny tiny issue.

  • Size does not exactly match! (02 January 2012)

    Perhaps I'm too picky. Perhaps I just confuse too easily. Either way, I'm bummed because I recently purchased this item AND the 8x8 Cinch boards. I was excited to create a smaller album with page protectors I assumed would line up perfectly. The boards and the protectors are made by the same company, in the same line; and yet, when I put them together the protectors spill a good inch outside of the edge. This really bugs me.

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    Great little pieces, but.... (25 November 2011)

    I ordered this to help "fill in the blanks" in my December Daily. I've had fun turning the element stickers into chipboard pieces. The mini alphas are also working great. However, I notice that the red alphas tend to peel away from the adhesive backing. They aren't coming cleanly off of the sheet; kinda disappointing.

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    So much fun, I've ordered a second one! (10 November 2011)

    This collection fit my moods perfectly! There's a bit of vintage feel. There's a bit of an aged feel. There's fun and whimsy PLUS not every single page has a specifically Christmas theme. I decided to use this collection for a December Daily project. I'm having so much fun working out the pages with these designs and elements, that I had to make sure I had extra on hand, just in case.

  • I wish I could tell if these were the originals or the new versions.... (05 August 2011)

    Because I was one of the few who absolutely LOVED the intense stick of the original mats. I like to cut shapes from grunge paper and the mega-stick of the old mats was perfect for keeping the material in place. Using the new mats....doesn't work for my crafty needs. If I knew for certain that these are the older mats, I'd absolutely stock up today!

  • All my favorite elements in one collection! (17 June 2011)

    I love that it's a bit grungy. I love that there are bingo cards to cut out. I love the various sizes of paper elements to play with AND that I don't have to follow the cutting rules. I think some of the half sheets would make some fun embellishments, too.

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    Learning Curve (25 February 2011)

    I waited to buy this distresser because I wanted to be sure I'd enjoy roughing up my paper before investing (yes, even with it being around 5 bucks!). A couple years of relying on a pair of scissors that would tear my whole sheet of paper instead of distressing the edges, convinced me that I need this tool. So, now I have it and I spent the first day learning how to use it. Evidently there are right and wrong angles to hold it; otherwise you won't get the results you want.

    I DO like that the blades are staying sharp, even after three layered layouts with more on the way! As it's my first, I'm hoping to see that it lasts for a while.

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    THIS just made my day!!!! (19 February 2011)

    I bought this pack once locally and have used it for umpteen layouts since then. I love it dearly and began to feel sad that I'm about to run out. In doing a random search, I see that I can get another pad!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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    Nail on the head! (18 June 2010)

    I don't even have this paper in my hands yet, and I'm already geeked to write a review! I know that the quality will be awesome, because it's Basic Grey. What I love most is that this entire collection suits my son and husband -- whom I scrap most -- to the T. LOVE!!!!

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    Even if your puppy is really a little boy! (19 May 2010)

    When I first saw this collection, I completely ignored the pet theme and recognized about 75% of the stack would be perfect for pages of my son. Thanks to Basic Gray's trademark "grungy" look, a lot of the papers feel more like Rock N Roll than little puppy dogs. I'm even thinking one could get some great Fall pages from this collection. I'm so glad I bought this! It will get used to the Nth degree!

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    Fairly Spot-On with color in photo! (01 May 2010)

    I LOVE the e-line gems overall. Awesome price + independent spots of bling = Happy MommaSaid. Sometimes, I'm a little surprised by the color of the product in my hand vs what I see on the screen. These match pretty well and will add a very nice little pop to some of my Summer pages.

  • Objects in Rear View Mirror (29 April 2010)

    Gorgeous and chunky! I'll have to do some thinking to figure out exactly how I want to use these. I've GOT to make mental note, though. This is not the first time I thought a flower was going to be wider, based on the close-up photo of the product.... unless they're including the width of the leaves underneath in the size description. That's a bit of a bummer.

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    Stunning Detail! (29 April 2010)

    I really like the vein detail on these flowers; really adds to the life-like feel. Oh, and I squealed a bit with giddiness when I saw that these come with the clear backing to them. That will be so much fun to add to a LO, too!

  • Restock already! (18 April 2010)

    When I was ready to buy this pack, it was sold out. To get a taste, I bought the individual pieces instead. One of each is certainly not enough for me, so I'll be sure to get this pack while it's in stock now!

  • Sorta (12 April 2010)

    I guess I misread the description of this product. I was hoping the size of these pockets was graduated; as all sorts of goodies come in different sizes. Graduated pockets would have also helped the bulk factor created as I filled them up.

    For the most part, they work but already I have to figure out how to keep a few pockets sealed when upright. On the upshot, I now know exactly where my stamps and smaller stuff is.

  • One set is not enough! (03 April 2010)

    I finally decided to start tackling organization of all my scrappy goodness. Part of my organizational problems is related to works-in-progress stacking up and getting stored with everything else in a drawer. This three pack started to make a dent in that issue last night...but I already need more sets!

    I'm stoked that I can fit several sheets of (some lumpy as they are WIP) 12x12 paper -- LOADS of room! Currently, I can organize by subject... but, yeah, I'll be ordering one more set soon!

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    Even the packaging! (24 March 2010)

    Dear Sassafras Lass Design People: I am having so much fun using this deck; and have a couple others on hand as well. The journaling cards are so cute. The numbers are perfect. What made me happiest of all, is that I was able to use the lined packaging for this product as well! It's a cute little journal spot all on it's own. It's brilliant, I love it! I'm having some fun scrapping again!

  • Pretty, but... (18 March 2010)

    This was a third item I recently splurged on. While they are pretty, and I'll try to find a use for them, I'm rather disappointed in two details my young son just brought to light. First, the adhesive is very faint. The pebbles may stick to the packaging, but the adhesive certainly isn't strong enough to stick to a project long-term. One stuck so well to the transparent sheet it came on, that a circle of the film came off with the pebble -- so now I absolutely have to apply more adhesive if I choose to use it on a project. I'm a major fan of the e-line gems and I know those have mega stick on the backs. I'm disappointed that these don't as well.

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    Could be my new fave (17 March 2010)

    I LOVE these flowers more than I thought I would. They were part of a recent splurge; and I got giddy when I realized that the petals are flexible! In the package, they are flat to the packaging, but you can "fluff" them to any level of dimension you desire. So so pretty!

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    Not Metal (17 March 2010)

    When I first read the brief description for these flowers on the Prima blog, I got excited to see these words, "thin embossed metal accents." I thought that Prima had done something totally awesome by branching into other mediums. On a splurge, I bought these because I LOVED the idea of using a new version of metal on my projects. Like most Prima products, they are beautiful and have a gorgeous metalic look to them. But this isn't metal. It's paper. I'll absolutely use them, but I still feel let down.

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    So very versatile! (13 December 2009)

    I originally nabbed this bunch o buds because I wanted to go through a "white phase." I'm still loving the look of white flowers and whatnot, BUT I've also looked at them recently as a blank canvas. It's SOOOOO MUCH FUN to spray these with mist; stamp on; ink; and anything else that you can think of! I really like that they come in a wide variety (and quantity) of sizes. There are several that are 2 to 3 inches big and several that are smaller. Some are textured with circles while others sport the standard petal folds.... I still love all sorts of Prima flowers and intend to continue using other types as well BUT I will always make sure I have enough of these beauties on hand!

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    Great contrast against bright colors! (04 November 2009)

    I recently ordered these for a couple reasons. I am really enjoying the first set of E Line pearls and crystals I bought. Also, they are going to be PERFECT against the bright, winter-themed colors of some paper I just ordered. I love the E Line pearls for their perfect hold on projects, they're versatility as each peice stands alone; the rich colors in each assortment! I absolutely intend to get a third pack as soon as I'm able. AND, if Prima is looking for color suggestions, some bright and dark reds would be greatly appreciated as well!

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    Fabulous! (20 October 2009)

    I recently bought these, but wasn't sure exactly when I'd break down and use them. It turns out I couldn't resist for long -- about a day! There's so much to love about these collections. The variety in size is fantastic for all sorts of projects AND YET even the tiniest crystals and pearls are so easy to apply (they're about the size of a pin head) I was worried that it would take me an hour to apply the three tiny ones that I wanted to use; but it was more like a minute. The adhesive is strong, too! I won't have to worry about these lovelies falling off. I love the variety in colors and tones; absolutely looking forward to snagging more as soon as I'm able.

  • Verified Buyer

    Roomy! (09 October 2009)

    I love the larger size of these journal cards. Beeing a woman of far too many words, it's nice to have so much room to share a story -- or at least provide the synopsis. The colors work perfectly with the majority of my boy-themed paper and the little quotes are fitting the memories perfectly. I will absolutely plan on getting more of these cards once I run out. Oh, and if Cosmo Cricket ever feels like adding some train/travel themes, I'd be all over those as well.

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    Perfect for Heritage pages! (06 October 2009)

    I've used these flowers on a heritage LO and truly enjoyed the result! They have an aged look and feel that blends in perfectly with those well-preserved moments lived by my grandparents. I also like (and currently prefer) the funky use of printed and inked paper. When I use these flowers I get more of that "scrap" feeling; that I'm using bits and bobbles in new and fun ways. I really hope that Prima continues to create products in this vein because they are so much more fun to use.

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    DS loves them off of LO's as well! (05 October 2009)

    I bought these because my DS recently decided he really liked robots; perfect, right? Maybe they too perfect. Everytime I pull them from the shelf, he is by my side; waiting to pop them out of the sheet and play with them as is. Actually, that doesn't bother me. He is finding enjoyment is something that was meant for him, anyway and I've noticed he's really interested in all my scrappy supplies. I'd say Cosmo created a brilliant starter kit for the next generation -- boys, no less -- to become interested in a craft that has been strong for so many decades already. Thank you, Cosmo Cricket, for encouraging my child's imagination AND being earth friendly at the same time.

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    And a new addiction is born! (24 September 2009)

    This bling shape was my first step into the wonderful world of bling shapes. I LOVE how it sparkles in the light and adds an interesting mix of soft and brilliant detail to my LO. I was pleased to see that the shape didn't fall apart on me at all (my biggest fear in using a shape) AND the shape can be easily modified to loosen or tighten the flourishes. It cut apart great, too! I did read a tip that could come in handy, however -- using packing tape on the top of the shape to keep it "just right" during placement. I didn't use that tip and spent a few seconds untangling a little. Other than that, it's love at first sight!

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    My first return to the store! (31 July 2009)

    I had debated between these rub-ons and the ghost clocks for some time. I wanted to have some sort of clocks on heritage LO's and thought the rub-ons would be fun to use on different papers. When I got the package I was excited -- the copper is stunning and the clocks faces are exactly what I'm looking for. After choosing a nice piece of cardstock, I cut out the clock of my choice, placed it down on the cs, held it firmly in place and commenced rubbing... Only to watch the copper bunch up in spots; not stick in others; place flawlessly in other spots still! I thought it might be the texture of the cs so I tried another piece with the same result. DH (a man well versed in the delicate nature of some craft techniques) heard my frustration and thought he'd try himself. For a second it worked, then he got the exact same result. These rub-ons are a total mess! I was very disappointed and they are getting sent back ASAP!

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    You're in the mood as soon as you see them! (27 July 2009)

    Normally, I'm not one to get filled up with Christmas cheer. I like them, but that's about it. There's something about these cards. Maybe it's because I've used them on fun memories of the past. Maybe it's the pop of red. Maybe there's something subliminal about gazing at the words at the top and finding the perfect memory that defines it all. In the times I have used them, I am most definitely filled with "JOY" and feel like singing about the first NOEL.

    ... Is it just me or is anyone else wondering how long it will take for December to roll around?

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    Did you know this product is environmentally friendly? (14 July 2009)

    I didn't until I read the bottom strip! The colors and pictures are so vibrant and crisp. Even with the vintage feel; they work beautifully with pretty much every LO I can think of. The paper is nice and thick so they will stand up to so many techniques, if you're inclined toward distressing and the like.

    While all the pieces are stunning and adored on their own; what really impressed me was the note on the bottom strip. These are made with at least some recycled materials and the company supports the planting of trees. THAT makes me want to explore Cosmo Cricket even further.

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    Wish I had ordered 2! (25 June 2009)

    Maybe it was a matter of timing; just getting over a slump in creativity at the time this arrived. Maybe it was inspiration from other great LO's using this pack. Or *just maybe* there is something special about this kit! Shortly after I received it in the mail I was off to the races and scrapping my happy li'l heart out.

    Normally, I don't have any fondness for chunky stickers or scads of alhpas. Normally, I would have been thinking fast to whom I could give the two packs of rub ons. Normally, I'd look at most of the patterns and wonder, "What in the world am I going to do with this?!" And yet, I gotta say I love it all and have used at least one of everything in this kit! I wish I had ordered a second, just in case!

    If it's still a decent special when they are restocked, I absolutely will!

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    My Current Obsession! (29 May 2009)

    Some women love red nail polish like I love this paint! Once again, it taught me a lesson that not all bottles are going to have the same consistency. My black dabber came out "just right;" aqua "too thick;" red pepper "on the watery side." However, regardless of the consistency it has covered every project perfectly with a velvety matte vinish.

    The last piece I used it on was a grunge heart; with a couple noteworthy twists. This dabber can definitely hold up to a good sanding! The color remained the same beautiful rich red even in the sanded areas. The main change was the texture returned to the leathery feel of the grunge. Also, the stamped image I placed on top of all that work came out perfect -- no slip or slide from friction between dried paint and ink.

    I love it!

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    More of a mustard, really. (26 May 2009)

    This is another dabber that I'm really enjoying. The color applies easily and dries opaque. It's a very good yellow; but when wet looks more like French's mustard yellow. It lightens up just a bit when dry.

  • Verified Buyer

    Works great on grunge and paper alike! (22 May 2009)

    This was my second bottle of paint dabbers; since I loved the pitch black so much! I've come to understand that each bottle may have a different consistency. This one is thicker than my black and took a little longer to prime the dabbing pump. However, once it started working, it was fabulous! I used this first on a LO on which I wanted to have a light blue cloud. I was quite pleased that I didn't have to apply more than one coat to the paper. It covered the white and beige pattern very well AND I was able to journal on top of it as soon as it dried.

    With the beauty that IS this product, I was able to try something new and was pleased with the result.

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    More than meets the eye! (20 May 2009)

    Okay, so yes, I have three of the patterns for the Grunge Board Elements. That's how much I love these pieces! In fact, I'm also seeing that, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head, you can actually find more pieces to use than they count!

    An example in this collection: In one of the flourish pages; after you pop out the large flourish, turn the sheet until you see a really fancy, short-trunked, full leafy tree. Actually, it's negative space that some might throw away but I'm so glad I saw it hiding there. I am looking forward to cutting that away and using it on a nature LO! I can see it now; brown trunk; layers of shades of green or fall foliage.

    Thank you, Mr. Holtz for creating a world of opportunities!

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    A must have! (18 May 2009)

    I had become interested in creating my own embellishments and flair for LO's so I purchased this little wonder from a forum rave. It was my first foray into acrylic paint and I love it!

    The very first time I tried it; I didn't follow the directions to the T and the coverage wasn't AS impressive as I would have liked. BUT, after reading the directions on the side -- dab NOT swipe -- the coverage was definitely opaque. I've used it on grunge board and am impressed that the finish isn't bothered at all by movement of the pieces. I LOVE it!

  • Verified Buyer

    In love with the possibilities! (11 May 2009)

    I just opened this package a few minutes ago and Oh. My. Goodness! I can't wait to starting playing with it. It really is quite flexible and there is such a variety of pieces I really don't think I'll get bored half way through using this one! AND, I look forward to using the negative space for stencils, too. It's beautiful.

    The only reason I held out on the fifth star is because I haven't actually used the product yet....but I'm about to.

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    One of the most-used products in my stash! (02 May 2009)

    Originally, when I bought these tiles, the plan was to jazz up the pieces, apply them to projects and smile. DH had other plans and constantly suggested (hinted, prayed, what-have-you) that I could also use them as stencils and have them go really far.

    I admit, I tried to ignore that suggestion until I started a project that needed five of the same size/shape stamp. I had to use it as a stencil and save the main piece for another day. So far, I'm really liking the end result. Yay for versatility!

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    Not quite as satisfying as making my own. (14 April 2009)

    Aside from the constant scissor action; I think I'd feel more satisfied if I actually created the pieces; rather than cutting out a flat picture that looks like a layers masterpiece. They'll get used, but I'll know I cheated.

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    Get ready to cut! (14 April 2009)

    I ordered all three dinosaur choices from E-cuts. They are cute but I have been doing more cutting and caring for tight corners than I would care to. My knuckles are sore and I'm not even done. I'm sure the birthday LO will be great and I have already thought of a few other uses for reprints on future projects, but my knuckles are bound to remind me to think twice on ordering any more E-Cuts in the future.

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    I am stocking up on these! (13 April 2009)

    I've only used a few; and topped them off with pp for my Easter LO. I already like them enough to get a second -- maybe a third -- set to try inking and keeping one clean for stencils.

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    They fell apart on me. (02 April 2009)

    I received these a couple weeks ago, but waited for the right project -- a LO that I was pouring my heart into. The first piece I pulled off the sheet -- the largest circle -- separated chipboard from adhesive. What's the point of using a sticker that doesn't have the stick?! I did try to reapply the adhesive paper to the chipboard, but evidently the glue is only on one side -- the side that was no longer attached to my pretty pretty embellishment.

    If I'm careful with the rest of the embellishments (careful and very slow) I can use them but I wonder how long they'll stay on the LO before they fall off?

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    I own these in brown (26 March 2009)

    I picked these up a week ago and used some last night. They are thick enough but also have a bit of bend to them. I had to apply a bit of weight to be sure that they completely adhered to the paper. Happily, since then they have definitely stayed put so they definitely stick!

    I plan on picking up more of these packs in the future. the letters are about 2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. Most consonants have two of each and most vowels have three -- that's always something I look for when stocking up on alphabet pieces. I thought it might help.

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    Will definitely get used up! (23 March 2009)

    I just got this stack today and love the variety of color choices. Some are glittery, but not all. It will be fun and interesting to see how I choose to use the glitter ones.

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    A beautiful 1st attempt with brads. (22 March 2009)

    I used these brads -- my first use of brads ever -- to add a little something to a LO about my son. I'm thinking of getting a second set to have handy.

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    Thicker than I would have thought! (19 March 2009)

    I was surprised by the thickness of these stickers but really appreciate that.

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    Too bad it's on clearance! (19 March 2009)

    This marker was my first experiences with special markers. I like it so much that I'll definitely acquire more in time. They are a bit pricier than I'd like but it is good quality.

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    A test purchase gone happily surprised! (14 March 2009)

    I bought this pack as a test to see how I would like chipboard in my pieces. I've not used it very much and am trying to find my personal style. I love these so much that I'll definitely acquire a few other collections I have my eye on.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that these are actually cut in a way that will allow me to use a few pieces in multiple ways.

    Example: The blue circle in the upper left corner of the third page can actually be separated into three separate circles -- two frames and a nice word usage. Instead of one decorative piece, I can have circles all over one page or in multiple pages.

    Example: the four rounded leaves in the bottom right corner of the first page come with dots where the holes will be. I can use those dots elsewhere, should I choose.

    Another unexpected perk: Once I've used any of the pieces, I can then go back to the sheet and use the empty space as a stencil so I can recreate the shape with markers, cut paper, glitter, whatever I want.

    I love things I can use again and again and again!

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    This is a must have for even a mild-mannered scrapper. (11 March 2009)

    What I love most about this pack is how the designers nailed a perfect mix between rich and polite. The colors are vivid, the patterns are gorgeous AND they don't assault the eyes. I have bought a pack recently that I love, but every single page is just "too much" to look at all at once. The pages in *this* pack, however, can be taken in all at once OR I can divide pieces of the pattern among multiple LO's to add a special pop.

    On a secondary note, I like the marriage of strong "masculine" colors and feminine prints. These pages will work well in a variety of subjects.

  • Verified Buyer

    Now where to begin? (07 March 2009)

    I received this template this afternoon and have been putting together a mental list of the possibilities. I've also been pulling out the paper in my collection that I can only tolerate in small doses.

    I look forward to many field days with this template... as soon as I figure out where to begin.

  • Verified Buyer

    I expect I'll save bocu bucks on stickers now! (07 March 2009)

    I just received this in the mail today; so naturally I started testing it out ASAP. Since I've never used a punch before, I tested it out on a paper stack cover that I thought was less than attractive. I'm happy to see that it turned a less than stellar design into something I can absolutely work with.

    I've done some math on what I'd spend on photo corners in this quantity, and am pretty sure this will pay for itself with another round of page punching.

    My husband, however, would be happier if it came with a means to make smaller corners as well; but I'm still happy.

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    Works well in LO's that have nothing to do with fairytales. (02 March 2009)

    I like the variety in this pack -- some pages are absolutely reminiscent of Renaissance Festivals and Courtly love with others can be used for pretty much any layout.