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CrimsonMama's Reviews

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    Nice machine but major disappointment (15 July 2020)

    I found out shortly after buying the Platinum that I cannot buy a 3D embossing plate because itís been discontinued. Itís a nice machine but I thought I was buying a machine that would cut anything. Had I known that I likely would consider a different machine. Iím a long time Spellbinders user having a raspberry Grand Calibur and now a Teal.

    I contacted Spellbinders but they could not tell me a remedy.

  • Verified Buyer

    Most Awesome Media Mat (26 January 2019)

    I canít say enough! How did I get along without it before!? Itís the perfect answer to inking and creative work.

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful! (31 October 2014)

    Wow, impressive. When I received my new dies today I thought my goodness the packages are heavy! I didn't realize that Kaisercraft includes a magnetic sheet with the die! Also love the fact that they have a actual size graphic included so I can put that in my flip-file of dies. Way to go Kaisercraft!

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    Yea! Spellbinders! (04 July 2014)

    This tool is such a time saver! Be sure to get the pad that goes with it.

  • Possible design flaw (14 March 2014)

    I purchased this and was exited that there was one tool that would do three sizes of corner rounds. However, mine did not make a smooth cut, it left a tag at the end of the cut on all three sizes. I wrote Fiskars and they did send me one that works better but one side will still leave a slight tag. A little disappointed since I love this style of punch. Their customer service will send you a new product. I actually emailed them an example of the problem. I would recommend but with reservations.

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    My Favorite Dress Form (16 August 2013)

    I've used this before and just purchased two more. I think it's the prettiest dress form with the lacy collar, waistline and hemline. It's great like it is or you can dress it up!

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    Awesome for Train lovers (23 June 2013)

    I bought this for a cousin who worked for L&N Railroad. Love it. I which now I gotten more of it.

    I wanted to point out that when you search the Superstore with the word TRAIN, you will not find this paper. Odd!

  • Verified Buyer

    Mini Brads VERY MINI!!! (13 June 2013)

    I already had the regular sized screw brads by Karen Foster....love them. I decided I could use the mini too. Be aware that they are extremely small heads. I thought they would be about 1/2 the size of the regular. They are about 1/10 the size, not much larger than the head of a pin. I guess I would not have purchased them if I had seen them in person and gotten more of the regular. I'm a little disappointed.

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    Yea! for the Unmounted Stamp File (02 February 2013)

    I'm like a few other people, I can't figure out what the little front pocket is all about ..............but who cares? This SO MUCH more convenient than the way I had them which was in sheet protectors in two notebooks. So much easier to flip through them. The handles are sturdy, easy to grab off a shelf to use. The stamps cling to the dividers nicely but are easier to pull out and use. I am all about storage that makes things easier to use. My Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous, I am leaving on their own sheets and they fit nicely. I wish SB.com had the extra sheets to buy too, I will order a second set from CH so I have plenty of extras.

  • Verified Buyer

    Skulls (18 April 2012)

    Very Cute but I thought from the photo that these had more of a silver finish. They are more of a flesh tone. Not really a complaint but FYI.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cosmo Cricket Trinkets (10 November 2011)

    I love this, it reminds me of paper dolls I had when I was a kid.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 (10 November 2011)

    This is awesome retro paper. I will use it to do both old family photos and old family recipes.

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    K and Co Page Protectors (10 November 2011)

    Nice quality and I save the white insert page to do planning, doodling, testing of products and tools. I felt however, there wre too many of the end screws and not enough extenders in my packet. So I ordered some 2 inch extenders to have on hand.

  • Verified Buyer

    Sun Kissed Heat Wave (10 November 2011)

    This is a yummy page, and the purple worked perfectly for my "Midnight Sun" LO of Alaska photos. Very happy I got the idea from just seeing the paper!

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    For the record - Build Your Own Family Tree (03 October 2011)

    I had a brain fade and only ordered one sheet. For some reason the online layout made me think that I was getting two sheets, so now I need to order a new one.

  • Verified Buyer

    Flora & Fauna - Charcoal Floral (03 October 2011)

    This one looks quite different from the photograph. I am buying all of this collection so it will be used!

  • Verified Buyer

    Flora and Fauna (03 October 2011)

    I am buying this entire collection. The paper and accents are all gorgeous!