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    Pretty neat (05 January 2012)

    It is pretty good.

    The magnets hold the top and bottom together on either side of the paper but if you're not careful your paper can move. It works best with a foam mat so the tool goes all the way through. It cuts pretty clean.

    I definately found it easier to use the little sticky end bits on the ribbon to thread it through (a few come with it).

    I think I'll get another design....

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    Not Really Necessary... (26 February 2009)

    I bought my cricut in a started kit so the tool kit came with it. I only tool I have really used out of it is the large plastic scraper, the rest of them I either already owned (scissors, ruler, bone folder) or have found no use for!!

  • Best so far but.... (26 February 2009)

    Okay, so when I saw this product I had to have it; I had been struggling with my ever growing collection of ribbone for far too long!

    It is a definate space saver, allows you easy visual access to all your ribbon at once, but, I caution anyone against filling it too full. Also, the best way to prevent tangles (which do happen-the more ribbon crammed in the more tangles) is to roll the ribbon around your fingers and then pull the end of the ribon from the CENTER of the roll through the hole!! I learned this the hard way! If your ribbon is longer than 2ft I recommend cutting it and pulling the two pieces through different holes, the longer the ribbon the more chance of tangles.

    It is the best product I have found so far but it's not perfect....

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    Great tool! (26 February 2009)

    I really like this tool. It is efficient, user friendly and inexpensive, you can't ask for anything else. Sometimes, I wish it was a touch bigger.

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    Obviously you need them but... (26 February 2009)

    Obviously if you want to use your cricut you need these mats but I have not been super impressed with the quality of them. I have been through 7 mats becuase they lose their stickiness. I hope that provocraft can come out with a better product soon.

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    Well worth the cost! (26 February 2009)

    I jumped on the cricut bandwagon after it went down in price. I am glad I bought one but am extra happy that I got a deal on it! I bought it primarily to cut out alpha's but after getting the Storybook cart. I really like the shapes and designs you cna cut out at different sizes too! It has some idiosyncracies that with a computer based machine for instace wouldn't be a problem but overall I'm happy with it. Unfortunately I have been through 7 mats because they lose their stickiness too quickly but not enough that I wouldn't buy it again.

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    Awesome (25 January 2009)

    I LOVE stickles!!! This clour is perfect for my wedding!!!

  • LOVE This!! (25 January 2009)

    I love these huge clocks they really change the look of your lo!!

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    Love these! (25 January 2009)

    I picked up the matchign pp for these because the red was perfect for my wedding pages and these vellum frame and titles are fantastic too. Good value for the cost.

  • Good Pen (09 July 2007)

    I have a couple of these and they work great on vellum, plastic, metal, any shiny, smooth surface. I do store them upside down though because I had one dry up on me. I like this size tip for writing.

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    I like it! (09 July 2007)

    I know people have had trouble with the Fiskars trimmers but I really like this one. I find they have solved the problem of the "wave" in cutting with the triple track and you do have to train yourself to cut straight down and not lean one way or the other-which makes sense! One thing that did happen is the lines and the measurements rubbed off the metal surface but they were easy to write back in with a slick writer, so no biggie!