- 10ml Spray Bottles - 3 Pack - 10ml Spray Bottles - 3 Pack - 10ml Spray Bottles - 3 Pack - 10ml Spray Bottles - 3 Pack - 10ml Spray Bottles - 3 Pack - 10ml Spray Bottles - 3 Pack - 10ml Spray Bottles - 3 Pack

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When you just need to keep it all bottled up, turn to the exclusive 10ml Spray Bottles! This trio of spray bottles is an absolute staple in all craft rooms. You just never know when you're going to need a fabulous spritz of liquid for creating a masterpiece...or cleaning up after making one!  Full Description & Details
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Description & Details

Does your project need a spritz? Or perhaps just a little spray? How about a delicate mist? Or some delicate droplets? Then you need the Spray Bottles! This 3-pack of 10ml Spray Bottles is an absolute necessity in your craft supplies!

Contents: Three empty 10ml plastic spray bottles with caps

Size: Each bottle holds 10ml of liquid


  • Snap-on cap
  • Clear frosted plastic to view contents
  • Perfect handheld size
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Nozzle tube extends all the way to the bottom of the bottle
  • Use with water, ink, alcohol, watercolors, and more

If you're working with water-reactive inks or paints, these spray bottles are a must-have. They are easy to grab and spritz with a simple press to make magic happen on your projects. They're also great to have around for cleaning up your craft sheet or activating your favorite stamp cleaner! Rubbing alcohol is another amazing reactive agent for inks and creating amazing effects that can be easily poured into your spray bottles.

You can even fill them with inks, stains, or liquid watercolors for colorful creations. Just imagine how amazing your art journal or Traveler's Notebook would look with colorfully misted inks!

You're sure to be reaching for these handy, helpful little spray bottles again and again!

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