Keeping Track of Supplies Used

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Article Courtesy by Patter Cross

Do you submit your work to online and/or print magazines?  Or do you want to be able to replenish those cute red flowers when they run out?  How about supplying a product list when posting to online galleries?  Keeping track of product manufacturers when organizing can be very important in any of these instances.  Today I want to share how I keep track of my supplies and the manufacturers that made them.

Cut the Packaging

A lot of times when I organize, I will cut off a part of the packaging.  I find keeping product in its original container usually takes up too much room.  So, for the most part, all packaging is thrown away except the small tag I create when cutting off the manufacturer's name.  I then drop that small tag in the top of a jar or other storage container.  Occasionally, I will peel off stickers and put them on the bottom of my own bottles. Here are some examples:


If the packaging is torn or I cannot get a label off, I just write the manufacturer's name on a small slip of paper and put it into my container.  This also works well for me.

Labeling Drawers

I have enough of some products from one manufacturer that they literally get their own drawer.  In that instance, I label the drawer with the manufacturer's name.  Here is an example of my Deluxe Designs chipboard drawer.



As I am creating, I write down the product I use in an old notebook.  This was actually an old calendar that my children used a couple of years ago but there were still many blank pages in the book.  So I recycled it, and I keep it on my scrap desk.  I write down the product I use as I create.  I use a lot of abbreviations so it makes it even quicker for me.


Then I keep all of my creations in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the supplies listed. This makes it easy when I submit my creations and when I post them to online galleries.  Here are a couple of sample entries:


All of this was easily typed in by referring to the notes in my notebook.  This does not take any time at all, and it really makes it simple to cut and paste when submitting and posting in galleries.

So, next time you need to replenish your supplies or provide a list of supplies used to a magazine, now you will have an easy way to keep track.  It truly is easy and so helpful!


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