Shop by Personality: Great Gift Ideas for Every Scrapbooker

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We've matched the hottest products and deals with a particular scrapbooking personality to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Click on the icon to the left of the personality below that best describes your recipient(s) for details and great gift suggestions.

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The Pink Princess is a scrapbooker who loves anything pink, anything related to Disney Princesses, and anything that is just plain fabulous! If she wears pink, owns pink handbags, pink tools, pink shoes, or pink jewelry - she's could be a Pink Princess. If she loves Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell or any other Disney females, she's likely a Pink Princess!


The Die-Cutter is a scrapbooker that appreciates the perfect embellishment for each page, and they'll go to great lengths to ensure consistency when they're replicating cards and invitations in multiples. Die-cutters typically love cardstock scraps and materials such as vinyl, fabric, chipboard and cork, among others.


The Altered Artist is a true creative type, dedicated to distressing new items and using vintage finds (or replicas) in their scrapbooking design.Altered Artists revel in old trinkets, shabby-chic antiques, and the age of it all. They like to stain, burnish, fray, peel, crackle, fade, dye, and weather anything and everything they can get their hands on.


The Fashionista is a scrapbookerwho loves the latest, the greatest, the newest and most fabulous products on the market. Fashionistas stay ahead of the trends and keep an eye on the "brand new" section of the Superstore for the freshest supplies to hit the market.


The Frugal Scrapper is a serious bargain hunter, looking for the most supplies at the best price. Frugal scrappers appreciate a great deal, a big value, and will take the time to hunt it down.



The Diamond Diva scrapbooker loves anything with shimmer and shine! Bling is on the top of their list this holiday and believe it when we say they'll use it all. Rhinestones, glitter, mirrors, mists, crowns, glossy accents, iridescent pearls and more will please the Diamond Diva!


The Book Worm is a crafter that seeks and ideas and inspiration in printed form, such as idea books and magazines. You might have a book worm on your hands if you are constantly finding publications around your house with dog-earred pages, writing in the margins, and otherwise mutilated reference guides.


The Beginner scrapbooker is just getting started. They are enthusiastic about learning to use new products and techniques but they may be a bit overwhelmed with all the supplies available on the market today.



The Cardmaker Extraordinaire appreciates a handmade greeting, but enjoys making handmade greetings even more. The cardmaker in your life might make dozens of cards at one time, or she may make completely individual cards when the occasion arises, or a combination of both. Either way, she needs several tools, scraps, adhesives and embellishments to make the perfect handmade sentiment.


The Digi Geek is very endearing term for the digital or hybrid scrapbooker. The Digi Geek knows how to navigate Photoshop applications, what the word "brushes" means when applied to scrapbooking, and that a "clone" isn't actually a scientific breakthrough.


The Eco-Scrapper wants to help save the earth. They like to preserve and conserve and find great joy in recycling and recycled items. They like to re-purpose old items and make them new again.


The Storyteller is all about the story (or the journaling). This scrapbooker wants to document everything in writing, so as to pass on a complete legacy to the next generation. They want to capture the message and the history behind the photos.



The Tool Junkie likes her hardware! If you have a Tool Junkie on your list, it's evident by the amount of wacky gadgets you find around their house or in their scrapping stash. Have you ever had to ask your scrapbooker "what does that thing do?" If so, you've got a Tool Junkie on your hands and they'll be thrilled with any item (all tools) in our suggested list below!


The Gift Giver is a scrapbooker that makes so many different things, from albums to altered items, and lovingly gives them away as gifts to friends and family members. The Gift Giver rarely ends up with any keepsakes of their own because they are so immersed in creating for others.


The Home Decorator takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary! If there isn't much wall or surface space left in your home or hers, you're well-acquainted with the Home Decorator. From mini-albums, to framed masterpieces, to mod podged, or altered items, the Home Decorator can master it all and make it look store-bought.


The Mobile Scrapper is always on the go - whether it's to a crop, a class, a girlfriend's house, or just to the living room, she's moving and shaking all the time and needs expert storage and organization solutions that will go with her! She needs small-scale trimmers and tools, tote bags that offer dozens of pockets so she can sort and access her supplies with maximum efficiency.


The Professional Organizer is the scrapbooker with everything and everything in its place! The Professional Organizer has a system and knows just where to find everything in their stash. Their space can be big or small, but they've devised a way to fit it all in and will never lose a tiny brad or a single glue dot, no matter what.


The Overlap Scrapper is a crafter that mixes crafty mediums, such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, beading and jewelry-making, painting, and many other hobbies. Sometimes this crafter can be difficult to shop for because you're not sure just what their needs are or what they might like and use. Other times, this is the easiest crafter to shop for because you know they'll use and appreciate whatever crafty gift you might give them.


The Shutterbug is the ultimate photographer. Whether amature, aspiring, already running a successful business, or just enjoys snapping hundreds of photos each day, we've got some suggestions. Your Shutterbug needs storage for their photos, archival quality supplies that will keep their photos safe, and tools that will give them the best results when it comes to scrapbooking those photos!


The Stamp Addict loves all things related to ink, embossing, clear stamps, rubber stamps, card making, and not to mention the ease of having the design already created for them! Layouts and projects come alive with well-designed stamps and cool stamping techniques.



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